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  • Rising, Part 1

    7 17.95%
  • Rising, Part 2

    5 12.82%
  • Hide and Seek

    1 2.56%
  • Thirty Eight Minutes

    9 23.08%
  • Suspicion

    0 0%
  • Childhood's End

    0 0%
  • Poisoning the Well

    7 17.95%
  • Underground

    2 5.13%
  • Home

    1 2.56%
  • The Storm

    7 17.95%
  • The Eye

    17 43.59%
  • The Defiant One

    5 12.82%
  • Hot Zone

    0 0%
  • Sanctuary

    1 2.56%
  • Before I Sleep

    15 38.46%
  • The Brotherhood

    4 10.26%
  • Letters From Pegasus

    7 17.95%
  • The Gift

    1 2.56%
  • The Siege, Part 1

    5 12.82%
  • The Siege, Part 2

    15 38.46%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default Re: Stargate Rewatch: Atlantis Season One Nominations

    Thanks for your nominations! Stay tuned to GateWorld this week for the official Atlantis Season One ballot and cast your vote.

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    Arrow2 Re: Stargate Rewatch: Atlantis Season One Nominations

    Here is your official ballot. Visit the GateWorld home page to vote between now and June 30!


    Vote for one per category. (All fields are required.)

    Best Episode (Atlantis Season One)
    • Thirty Eight Minutes
    • Poisoning the Well
    • The Eye
    • Before I Sleep
    • The Siege, Part 2

    Best Sheppard Moment
    • Sheppard plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with Commander Kolya and his Genii strike force, picking off enemy invaders and giving the others a chance to retake Atlantis. ("The Storm")
    • Sheppard must fight a nearly unstoppable, 10,000 year-old-Wraith in order to protect his people and escape a desolate moon. ("The Defiant One")
    • With Atlantis quickly running out of defensive options, Sheppard takes a Jumper on a suicide mission to blow up one of the attacking Wraith hive ships. ("The Siege, Part 2")

    Best McKay Moment
    • With a hostile alien entity threatening the city and his friends, McKay risks his life by using a personal shield to step into the cloud and send it through the Stargate. ("Hide and Seek")
    • McKay stands up to Kolya, stepping in front of the gun he has pointed at Dr. Weir and insisting that Kolya needs the both of them in order to survive. ("The Storm")
    • Knowing he may not survive the impending siege, Rodney records a thoughtful goodbye to his sister Jeannie, regretful that they had not been closer. ("Letters From Pegasus")

    Best Teyla Moment
    • Plagued by terrifying nightmares, Teyla recalls a time when she and her father were captured by the Wraith and subjected to disturbing experiments -- learning that she has some Wraith DNA herself. ("The Gift")
    • Teyla tries to tap in to the Wraith psychic network but fails to maintain control, enabling a Wraith to take possession of her instead and attack her friends. ("The Gift")
    • After Sergeant Bates accuses her of being a spy under Wraith control, Teyla gives him a much needed punch in the face. ("The Siege, Part 1")

    Best Weir Moment
    • With her people trapped in a life-and-death dilemma, Weir stands up to the defeatist attitude of the Athosians and Kavanaugh, who are convinced that Sheppard's team will not survive. ("Thirty Eight Minutes")
    • After she is found in stasis in the city, a severely aged Weir tells her tale of going back in time, meeting Atlantis's original inhabitants, and deciding to stay behind and give her life to save her future team. ("Before I Sleep")
    • Knowing she might not make it back alive, Elizabeth risks her life to make a deal with the Genii for their nuclear devices in order to help save Atlantis from the Wraith siege. ("The Siege, Part 2")

    Best Ford Moment
    • With their Puddle Jumper lodged in an open Stargate, Ford opens the rear hatch and exposes himself to the vacuum of space in order to save Sheppard from the iratus bug and get them home to Atlantis. ("Thirty Eight Minutes")
    • Ford takes charge as temporary leader of the group when he, along with Teyla and Dr. Beckett, sneak into Atlantis to retake the city from the Genii. ("The Eye")
    • With the Wraith on their way Ford takes charge of the expedition's morale situation, filming everyone's messages for their families -- and his own video for his grandparents. ("Letters From Pegasus")

    Best Team Moment
    • Having found the lost city of the Ancients and saved the Athosians from the Wraith, the team gathers together for the first time in the moonlit city to celebrate. ("Rising, Part 2")
    • Both inside the Puddle Jumper and back in Atlantis, the team works together to try and get the ship out of the Stargate before time runs out. ("Thirty Eight Minutes")
    • Ford, Teyla, and Dr. Beckett arrive in an enemy-controlled Atlantis and help Sheppard, McKay, and Weir expel Kolya and the Genii from their home -- and save the city itself from a super-storm. ("The Eye")

    Best Alien Race (Season One)
    • The Genii ("Underground")
    • The Lanteans ("Before I Sleep")
    • The Wraith ("The Siege")

    Best Individual Villain
    • Wraith Keeper ("Rising")
    • Cowen ("Underground")
    • Acastus Kolya ("The Eye")

    Coolest Ancient Technology
    • City of Atlantis ("Rising, Part 2")
    • Personal shield emitter ("Hide and Seek")
    • Puddle Jumper ("Thirty Eight Minutes")

    Coolest Alien Technology
    • Wraith Dart ("Rising, Part 2")
    • Wraith Hive Ship ("Rising, Part 2")
    • Wraith stunner rifle ("Suspicion")

    Best Guest Star
    • Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson ("Rising, Part 1")
    • Robert Patrick as Marshall Sumner ("Rising, Part 2")
    • Paul McGillion as Carson Beckett ("Poisoning the Well")
    • Robert Davi as Acastus Kolya ("The Storm")
    • Leonor Varela as Chaya Sar ("Sanctuary")

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