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A lot(probably most actually) of my dislike for Charlie has to do with the actress' performance, especially in the more emotional scenes. But also, when Miles is being self-pitying or a harsh, he's treated like he's being a jerk by the other characters. When Charlie is being whiny, self-pitying, or is putting others in danger with her actions, and she's confronted(usually by Miles); that's treated like Miles is again, just being a jerk, and not because Charlie is whiny, self-pitying or in anyway wrong in her behavior.

I enjoy the show a lot, and actually missed that it wasn't on this week lol.
Here's the thing, you can't accept every characters actions. Sometimes you just don't like a character because you don't like see people act that way.

Whether it's some people on this board that hate seeing manipulative characters "get away" with it or whatever. That doesn't mean the character or show is wrong, it just means you personally have an issue with people like that.