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What? No..no...no. Alison, Jack, Jo, Henry, and Fargo all got placed in this new timeline without experiencing this new life.

Alison had no idea that her son never had whatever condition he had. Fargo had to learn to accept his new position and be a leader where before he never had that experience. He even re-affirmed that to Zane recently, when Zane got promoted and Fargo said he just got pushed in the position of director of GD and had to sink or swim.

They NEVER experienced the lives of their counterparts. Also, for all we know the psych evaluations and stuff that Carter and Jo had that supposedly suggested they were going to end up together was from their counterpart's psych evaluations and not themselves.

This show had went downhill ever since they never tried to fix the timeline and just let that anomaly of a time traveler run free.
You misunderstood me. I mean they lived their original life at first when Allison was the director, Jo the deputy, Fargo useless employee and Henry without a wife.
And then after the shift, they were thrown into a new life. The found themselves LIVING another life.
So Allison still remembers when she worked for the DOD and Jo right now is in charge of keeping an eye on things.
What I meant to say, they both had a share of this. That's why they are similar when it comes to this.