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    Default Season 4 was great but not as good as Season 3?

    Season 4 was a great season of TV entertainment. Among the top TV shows on television currently. But I feel it wasn't as good as Season 3.

    I'm not sure if I can pinpoint on it why. I feel the characters in season 3 ("evil" Walter, fake Olivia) were a bit more gritty and real. They had more depth. The story seems to flow better. Like the series Lost, in Season 3 the characters motivation were more clear and thus dramatic. You could feel their dilemma. I also like the character conflict better in Season 3 especially between the red and blue universe characters. Even Newton vs fake Olivia was pretty good 1 to 1 character interaction. Olivia vs fake Olivia. Same as Walternate vs the red Fringe teams, Brandon, the interaction between the red Fringe team, etc. The plot of wondering what Walternate/fake Olivia/etc were up to was better too.

    The mission and motivation of all the characters seem to be better in Season 3 than Season 4.
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    Default Re: Season 4 was great but not as good as Season 3?

    Season 3 was, and will remain the best Season of the show. The way it was strucered having the episodes set in both the Bluverse and the Redverse was phanominaly done by the writers.

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    Default Re: Season 4 was great but not as good as Season 3?

    I have a real hard time picking a favorite season. They have all been great in their own ways.

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    Default Re: Season 4 was great but not as good as Season 3?

    For some reasons, the fourth season of like, every series I have ever watched seems to be not as good as the predecessor seasons.
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    Default Re: Season 4 was great but not as good as Season 3?

    I love the fourth season. Each season builds on the previous which is what good shows need to do while balancing to allow new viewers to join.

    I love all the questions and answers given in season 4, I just dislike staying in this new universe.

    I want our Walter and our Astrid back.

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    Default Re: Season 4 was great but not as good as Season 3?

    Season 4 seemed to end abruptly. Why didn't FOX promote the Finale like for instance GRIMM did?
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