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    Default Need blueray owners' help!


    I'm looking for someone owning the blueray edition in 1080p of the first season of SGU.
    I'd like to have screenshotsof those moments for better images onf the badges (with my 720p edition it's almost readable, so it should be in 1080p).

    1st : Episode 07 - Earth
    A clear shot of Young's badge 4:06 to 4:12

    2nd : Episode 07 - Earth
    Some shots from 8:37 to 8:47 where Eli's badge is visible

    3rd : Episode 09 - Life
    A shot of Camille's badge at 12:27

    Thank you in advance, Fabien.

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    Default Re: Need blueray owners' help!

    I took a screenshot of Col. Young's badge from the time in your post here:

    I didn't take screenshots of the other parts because they are worse in terms of viewing than this screenshot.
    Just glancing at it I can't make out anything except HOMEWORLD COMMAND as the first 2 words. I think if someone pops the blu-ray onto a bigger screen they'll be able to read it.

    Another idea to check into is the Stargate prop auctions that happened a few months ago. Maybe the badge was one of the props for sale and there is an up close photo of it floating out there somewhere.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Need blueray owners' help!

    Thank you Brian !

    I had searched on the Propworx achives, but I gave a try on Ebay and found this :

    Photos are not clearer than the screenshot you provided me, but I have both of the badges and especially the back ! I'm going to ask them if they can provide me with higher resolution photos.
    I'll post here the result


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