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    Default Closure for SGU series - what would you want to see?

    What story threads and questions would you want to see resolved for Stargate Universe? If there could be a mythical 3rd season to end the show, what ending would you like to see? I know satire is sooo tempting, but I meant this as a serious thread


    I was thinking like the 1st season finale, the Lucian Alliance would assault Earth as it attempted to (successfully this time) dial Destiny, and eliminate Earth as a rival. Meanwhile, the Destiny crew would awaken before leaving the Drone galaxy, and with help from Destiny's computer (i.e. "Hope"), would find a way to hack into the Drone network and disable them, saving the remaining Novan colonies.

    With tech from the Novan colonies, Destiny's power grid is repaired and they can now safely dial Earth from within a star. As Destiny does this, the Alliance attacks Earth, but with knowledge from Varro and "ghost" Ginn, Gen O'Neill finds a way to defeat the Alliance. At the same time, Rush fears losing Destiny to Earth, but the Avatar of his late wife convinces him to help the crew. Col Young can stop Rush & Perry from taking Destiny, but after most of the crew gates home to Earth, Young allows Rush to use the Ancient chair to merge with Destiny, and Rush & Perry go forth to explore the stars. At the last moment, during the merging, Rush learns that it was the Ancients who left the original imprint on the cosmos, that we are the authors of our own making ...


    Anyways, loved the SGU series, sorry to see it go and it was fun to reminisce for a while ...

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    Default Re: Closure for SGU series - what would you want to see?

    I'd like to have maintained the conflict, but moved it to other characters. TJ practically has nothing to live for, I'd like to have seen her go off the rails for starters. I wasn't to keen on the idea of bringing more of the Novan descendants into the story, nor the idea of having a supply line from Earth. I wish the writers would embrace the isolation instead of trying to find ways around it. More exploration into the mission and how the crew sit with it, and the Eden aliens would be nice. The only real huge mistake for me would be to give the show a supernatural conclusion a la BSG or Lost. For me that's the lowest of the low in science fiction.

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    Default Re: Closure for SGU series - what would you want to see?

    yea BSG was excellent right up untill the point where they get down to Earth and find... humans. that ruined it. it completely destroyed the whole "we're the last of humankind" thing, and makes the survival count moot.

    not to mention the whole "abandon technology"

    For SGU?

    since Destiny has millions of years of data, it would seem like a HUGE stretch that they'd solve the problem in SGU's run, even if it went on for a decade.

    i still cling to my original thought:

    SGU ends with the Crew having solved the main problem at hand (be it travelling to the next galaxy, abandoning the mission). then there's a "many years later" thingey and it shows a human probe descending into an atmosphere, and hovering over a large Destiny-style city.
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    Default Re: Closure for SGU series - what would you want to see?

    I want to know what happens to Eli.

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    Default Re: Closure for SGU series - what would you want to see?

    I would have loved to see what became of the Novus people. It would had become a very interesting topic after they had left the planet.

    Also I would die to see what the signal was, and the meaning of the signal in the end.
    A episode with a little showdown between Rush and Greer would have been awesome.
    More Teamwork between Young and Rush. Eli getting to save the day.
    TJ find someone she can care for.
    More Brody and Volker.

    Story's with some really nasty Aliens and an episode where everyone get´s infected with a virus who makes them became very carefree before some nasty consequences.

    And I really want to now what was in store for Season 3 - 5.

    Good I hate that the show got cancelled!!! You have so much opportunity´s in SciFi land and so much story´s to be told.

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