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Best Episode (SG-1 Season Nine)
  • Origin
  • Beachhead
  • Ripple Effect
  • Arthur's Mantle
  • Camelot

Best Cameron Moment
  • Mitchell pushes himself through the grueling and unrelenting training of the Sodan to prove himself and get through to their leader, Lord Haikon. ("Babylon")
  • Mitchell suffers from horrible visions and stands falsely accused of murder after alien technology is used to graft the memory of the gruesome event into his mind. ("Collateral Damage")
  • Mitchell is determined to solve the murder for which he was framed, even after his own name is cleared. ("Collateral Damage")

Best Daniel Moment
  • Daniel is forced to watch Vala burn to death, and comforts her after she is miraculously resurrected by a Prior of the Ori. ("Avalon, Part 2")
  • When he is brought before the Doci Daniel comes face-to-face with the Ori themselves -- evil ascended beings bent on conquering our galaxy -- and warns them that the humans there will fight back. ("Origin")
  • Daniel publicly debates a Prior on their behalf of the people of P8X-412, arguing that like the Goa'uld before them the Ori are not gods. ("The Powers That Be")

Best Sam Moment
  • Sam works side-by-side with Orlin to help stop the Prior plaque after he returns to corporeal form as a child, and visits him after he loses his memories entirely. ("The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")
  • Carter is shifted into another dimension with Mitchell and must figure out a way to communicate with her friends at the S.G.C. ("Arthur's Mantle")
  • After a failed attempt to go EVA and disable the Supergate, Carter watches helplessly as Ori warships decimate a fleet of ships from the allied races from the Milky Way. ("Camelot")

Best Teal'c Moment
  • Teal'c and Bra'tac rally the Free Jaffa against Gerak when he throws his support behind the Ori. ("The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")
  • After a heated debate, Teal'c takes Gerak -- now an Ori Prior -- to a Jaffa memorial site and convinces him to save Earth from an Ori plague at the cost of his own life. ("The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")
  • Teal'c is captured and tortured by Baal, and pretends to be brainwashed when Baal orders him to kill Bra'tac -- only to turn the tables and kill one of Baal's clones. ("Stronghold")

Best Vala Moment
  • Vala uses a healing device to try and help the people she once wronged, now striken with the Prior plague, even though it takes a demanding physical toll on her. ("The Powers That Be")
  • With the Ori on the verge of gaining a beachhead in the Milky Way, Vala risks her life to pilot a cargo ship to destroy the Supergate before it can be activated. ("Beachhead")
  • Pregnant and trapped in another galaxy, Vala remains defiant when she is chained up as an unbeliever -- unaware that she is being tested not by followers of the Ori but by the resistance movement. ("Crusade")

Best Landry Moment
  • When Earth's plan to destroy the Supergate goes awry, Landry demands answers from Nerus -- finally using the threat of starvation to coerce the gluttonous Goa'uld. ("Beachhead")
  • After confronting an Ori Prior face-to-face, General Landry is striken with the same disease that has become pandemic on Earth. ("The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")
  • The General tangles with Colonel Chekov and the Chinese representative over the use of the Stargate, discovering that their tough talk is intended to secure the Russians their own Daedalus-class battleship. ("Crusade")

Best Team Moment
  • Along with Vala, the reunited SG-1 take off on the Prometheus to stop the Ori from establishing a beachhead in our galaxy, leading to a sacrifice by a valuable member of the team. ("Beachhead")
  • Cameron Mitchell hands out SG-1 badges to Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson, signifying that the "band" is officially back together. ("Ex Deus Machina")
  • Having assembled an alliance of enemies and allies from all over the galaxy, SG-1 works together at the Supergate to try to stop a full-scale Ori invasion of our galaxy. ("Camelot")

Best Alien Race (Season Nine)
  • The Ori ("Origin")
  • Tenat and Jup's race ("The Ties That Bind")
  • The Sodan ("Babylon")

Best Villain
  • The Doci ("Origin")
  • Nerus ("Beachhead")
  • Baal ("Ex Deus Machina")
  • Khalek ("Prototype")
  • President Nadal of the Rand Protectorate ("Ethon")

Coolest Technology
  • Supergate ("Beachhead")
  • Merlin's dimension-shifting device ("Arthur's Mantle")
  • Ori warships ("Camelot")

Best Guest Star
  • Julian Sands as the Doci ("Origin")
  • Cameron Bright as Orlin ("The Fourth Horseman, Part 1")
  • Louis Gossett, Jr. as Gerak ("The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")
  • Teryl Rothery as Janet Fraiser ("Ripple Effect")
  • Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey ("The Scourge")