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    Default Re: Bones or Castle...which is better and why?

    After watching pretty much every episode of both I don't think I have a favorite anymore, they are both very good.

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    Default Re: Bones or Castle...which is better and why?

    I haven’t seen ‘castle’ so I can’t comment on it but I’ve been a huge ‘Bones’ fan since the very first episode and I just love that show, the plot and the characters are great and it does have a great mix of humor and drama. I also love the Brennan, she is a great female character and the fun part about her is that there really aren’t many female characters like her; it’s usually male characters that are like that (including the whole, can’t settle down thing). The chemistry between Emily and David is also great and what makes their characters so great, they work well of each other and you can tell that they are great friends in real life which helps a lot. I agree that it was about time that something happened between them, there was an episode in season 5 called “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” (it was the 100th episode of the show) Booth and Brennan reveals that they had meet prior to the pilot and that they also had a thing back then as well which was a great plot line and it did change a lot of how you can view the characters.
    All and all I love the show and I haven’t seen ‘Castle’ but I’ve heard a lot of great things about it so I will defiantly have to watch it, especially since I do love ‘Bones’ and it seem to be in a similar category.

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    Default Re: Bones or Castle...which is better and why?

    I LOVE both.

    I watched Castle from the beginning because of Nathan. Last year I found a station that started Bones from the beginning so I started recording and got caught up in time for the new season. I had actually tried watching Bones before but didn't like Bones. That was few years ago and I decided to give it another try because I loved David in Angel/Buffy.
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    Default Re: Bones or Castle...which is better and why?

    Castle, because I like watching Nathan better.

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    Default Re: Bones or Castle...which is better and why?

    What about The Mentalist ? Maybe the cases might be a bit more boring but I think the characters are as much as likeable as of Bones, maybe even more then Bones. But what Crime Tv shows goes, Castle rocks the boat!

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    Default Re: Bones or Castle...which is better and why?

    I like The Mentalist as well. I always laugh whenever Patrick Jane does something and ends up getting in trouble with Lisbon.

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    Default Re: Bones or Castle...which is better and why?

    I enjoy both Bones and Castle and I am also a fan of the Mentalist. To me these 3 shows are easy watching and help me to relax. My main favorites "24", Person of Interest, Falling Skies and Burn Notice are/were my go to stress programs. BN, maybe not so much, but as of late it's climbing the ladder..

    I like Patrick Jane, and have compassion for the character, but admit there are times I want to slap him. I can see how former clients could fall for ah, his gift , as the air of arrogance surrounding him fills a room. Of course he is usually right, but that just adds fuel to the fire.

    I think "Bones" is an excellent show. I often feel I am getting some educational benefits from it, and I honest like all cast members for one reason or another.

    "Castle" to me is another smart and also amusing show. I enjoy his family relationships and see some important lessons there too. Thumbs up to all 3.

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    Default Re: Bones or Castle...which is better and why?

    I love all 3 shows

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