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    Wink Crazy goa'uld dance!!!

    Me and my sister were watching Summit a while ago and in the scene where Osiris meet Zipacna and Zipacna tells her that Anubis is alive, Osiris makes the funniest face! It cracked me and my sister up and soon we began immitating it, well more exagerating it. We flailed our arms, etc., and, well, don't ask me how, but we managed to end up imagining her dancing. And my sister being so young and all, it soon developed into a full-blown goa'uld dance like so:

    1. Osiris dances in the background, singing.
    2. A jaffa, fully clad in his ridiculously penetrable armor, begins to break-dance in the middle of the floor.
    3. 3 tables miraculously appear in front of three jaffa, their symbiotes come out and rest on the tables, squeeking whatever tune osiris is singing.
    4. Zipacna disappears (Yay!!!) and is replaced by Anubis
    5. Anubis begins singing or rapping all his one liners: 'Take action if you dare', 'I think you'll find that many things have changed since my return', etc.
    6. If Anubis is rapping, he makes all those hand movements while doing so then gets up and break-dances on the floor, cloak and all (the jaffa break-dancer has retired to singing with Osiris in the background.)
    or 7. If Anubis was singing, 3 jaffa standing behind him (not the singing symbiote jaffa) sway to the tune and when Anubis pauses between one-liners they chorus 'Yeah'

    Just thought Id put that out there.
    Godspeed, Don.

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    Default Re: Crazy goa'uld dance!!!

    Your crazy, but can you post a screen of this face she did?

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    Default Re: Crazy goa'uld dance!!!

    Yeah that face is comedy gold. His nostrils are all over the joint. When I first saw it i lost it as well. I wonder if there was a smell or if that is just his face when he gets excited.
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    Imagine some spotlights,smoke,a loud beat with lots of drunken Jaffa with it
    Lord Zedd

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    Default Re: Crazy goa'uld dance!!!

    Crazy goa'uld dance!!!
    Best. Thread title. Ever.

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    You HAVE to post a pic! YAY DANCING BANANAS!!!

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    Yes you do, whooo goauld dance!!

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    dude. stay away from the glue


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    I was expecting to see a Goa'uld symbiote dancing like the old dancing baby thing that was all over the web a few years ago.

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