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    I have a pair of Bugaboo Glacier Glasses, which was bought in Vancouver in 1994. On a recent hiking trip, while wearing them, someone told me they are now a collectors item due to their use on Stargate.

    I'm not sure if it's the exact same models as used in the series / movie. My question is, if I was to put these up on ebay what price should I expect? Thanks.

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    There is a ton of conflicting information on the internet and from what you have been told about the value of your shades. At my own expense I provide to you the details of my shop-hunting:

    In Section 8:


    The Original Poster mentions that in these close ups, the character O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) was wearing a pair of French Vuarnet Glacier Glasses -- a variation of what you have. I believe that he began trying/wearing them later on in the series.

    On reading into this official link:

    This second link is important only because the shades on the official picture/previous unofficial thread both look like Vuarnets. Notice how the bridge between the lenses' frame, and how the Editor's interview with the props manager comments that Bugaboo was the preferred style?

    Moreover, this is what I believe you were looking for, try this:

    The #5 post:

    As far as what I can read into from the picture, this is one of only a couple unofficial forum sites that references the Bollé Bugaboo Glaciers as the shades from the picture in Cold Lazerus (S1.EP 6) and this clearer image from Stargate's semi-official wiki seems like a Bollé suggests:

    At this time, the point I want to drive home in evaluating your shades is the inconsistency of the identification of all the forums I visited in the past few days, namely another photo example:

    You will probably notice that these frames are round, and the Bugaboos are slightly oval.

    Finally, if my insight proves anything worthwhile... I easily appraise your shades worth above $100, at a limit of $325 only because both Vuarnet and Bollé are competitors and because of the vintage similarities (potato potato) and because RDA wore both makes and research into this site:

    It lines up what people are expecting for the Vintage pair like you have. I finally would have to stress the information is rather "stretched" and a bit scattered and people would probably only be willing to meet you in between considering what I mentioned.

    I am strongly considering buying these pair of babies if I cannot find a decent pair of Vuarnet (Model 28)/Bollé (Bugagoos):

    I envy the shades you have because your pair of shades has the leather shields directly latched around the outside onto the temple bridges.
    If you would like to line anything up in the future via e-mail, please let me know. I would appreciate to do business. If not, good luck!


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