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Best Episode (SG-1 Season Five)
  • Enemies
  • Wormhole X-Treme!
  • 48 Hours
  • Fail Safe
  • Exodus

Best Jack Moment
  • Jack single-handedly takes down a squadron of Jaffa while protecting Lt. Tyler, a supposed member of his team, even after the man has revealed himself to be an alien. ("The Fifth Man")
  • Jack confronts the Asgard High Council about the crisis SG-1 has caused on the planet K'Tau, and the Asgard's unwillingness to do anything to help save this "protected" planet. ("Red Sky")
  • Jack violently confronts Malchus after the destruction of a rocket meant to save the planet K'Tau, which resulted in the death of S.G.C. personnel, and decides to reveal the truth about the Asgard to the K'Tau people. ("Red Sky")

Best Daniel Moment
  • Daniel poses as Lord Yu's servant to infiltrate a Goa'uld summit, only to have his plans turned upside down when Osiris (in the body of Daniel's ex-girlfriend) shows up. ("Summit")
  • Daniel dives through a glass window and exposes himself to a lethal dose of radiation in order to stop an explosive accident, saving millions of lives on Kelowna -- at the cost of his own. ("Meridian")
  • Daniel says goodbye to Jack, ready to begin a new journey as Oma Desala helps him ascend to a higher plane of existence. ("Meridian")

Best Sam Moment
  • Sam makes the difficult decision to leave Ambassador Joe Faxon behind, falling through the Stargate and stopping an Aschen bioweapon attack on Earth. ("2001")
  • Carter is kidnapped by a terminally ill man who intends to use her as a test subject to discover the advantages of a Goa'uld symbiote before he resorts to implanting himself. ("Desperate Measures")
  • Sam figures out a way to save the Earth from an asteroid by riding it through a brief hyperspace jump, but explains that it means almost certain death for SG-1. ("Fail Safe")

Best Teal'c Moment
  • After sparing his friend's life and lying to Apophis about the execution, Teal'c realizes for the first time that his 'gods' are not so all-knowing after all. ("Threshold")
  • Teal'c must go through the Rite of M'al Sharran, remembering his path that caused him to recognize the Goa'uld for what they really are -- finally breaking Apophis's brainwashing and choosing freedom. ("Threshold")
  • Teal'c confronts Kytano, who is clearly not acting in the best interests of the Rebel Jaffa, and defeats him in a bloody fight for leadership ... discovering in the process that Kytano is a Goa'uld. ("The Warrior")

Best Hammond Moment
  • When Teal'c is trapped within the Stargate's systems, General Hammond does everything he can to stall its reactivation -- which will kill his friend -- even offering to resign his command to buy a little more time. ("48 Hours")
  • With Teal'c rescued from the Stargate, Hammond relays the government's new orders to Rodney McKay: he's going to Antarctica. ("48 Hours")
  • Knowing that Earth is soon to be destroyed by an asteroid, General Hammond courageously stays behind rather than escaping the disaster and saving himself. ("Fail Safe")

Best Team Moment
  • With their ship hurtling back to their home galaxy, SG-1 battles both Apophis and a swarm of Replicators through the vessel's corridors -- reclaiming a brainwashed Teal'c in the process. ("Enemies")
  • Using a salvaged cargo ship, SG-1 is sent to destroy an asteroid that is on course to hit Earth, riding it through the planet using a hyperspace jump and saving the world. ("Fail Safe")
  • In the wake of Daniel's death and ascension, Sam, Teal'c and Jack each cope with their loss in their own way -- even as they must carry on with the next mission. ("Revelations")

Best Alien Race (Season Five)
  • The Reole
  • The Tollan
  • The Asgard

Best Goa'uld Villain
  • Osiris ("Last Stand")
  • Kytano/Imhotep ("The Warrior")
  • Anubis ("Revelations")

Coolest Technology
  • Tollan phase-shifting ("Between Two Fires")
  • Orlin's home-made Stargate ("Ascension")
  • Reole chemical ring ("Summit")

Best Guest Star
  • Sean Patrick Flannery as Orlin ("Ascension")
  • David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay ("48 Hours")
  • Courtney J. Stevens as Lt. Elliot/Lantash ("Last Stand")
  • Corin Nemec as Jonas Quinn ("Meridian")
  • Mel Harris as Oma Desala ("Meridian")