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    Arrow2 About "More SciFi, Less Vampires" (SciFi Stream)

    It is a great decision. There are other sites, that can cover non SciFi shows (Maybe there is a Fantasy Steam ) ...

    ... but please keep posting News of any relevant shows, that are not Sci-Fi only. I think Most Sci-Fi fans are also interested in genres like:
    - Classic Fantasy
    - Modern World Fantasy
    - History (like Spartacus, Vikings, Black Sails)
    - Animated Sci-Fi (Star Wars Rebels*, Futurama, ...)
    * Well, Star Wars is not exactly Sci-Fi, but close enough.

    If you want to keep News to a minimum, the following topics should be covered, even for the non-SciFi series:
    - Official Announcements for a new series (or something that is more than rumor)
    - Schedules and Launch dates of a season
    - Cancellation or renewal of a series

    I´d also like to add, that Dominion is neither a Sci-Fi series, nor a very good one, you should rethink it.
    While Sleepy Hollow and From Dusk till Dawn may deserve coverage, because their storytelling is great and more in-depth to explain the supernatural, this reminds a little bit of Sci-Fi.
    Monster shows like Supernatural and Grimm just tell the viewer, that there are monsters and they are mostly evil.

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    Default Re: About "More SciFi, Less Vampires" (SciFi Stream)

    SciFi Stream is for SciFi and Fantasy so they fit.
    Quote Originally Posted by aretood2 View Post
    Jelgate is right

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