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    Default General O'Neill's role this season...

    I remember when the show was renewed for a tenth season, there was a news article revealing that RDA agreed to sign on for five episodes. His time ended up being split between SG-1 and Atlantis. Instead of five SG-1 episodes (1/4 of the season), we got two episodes and three Atlantis episodes. Does anyone know why this decision was made? I loved seeing him on Atlantis, but I'd have loved to see him have a larger role in SG-1's final season. It's frustrating, because "200" was more of a celebration episode than anything, we really only gone one real front and center O'Neill episode.

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    Default Re: General O'Neill's role this season...

    It is rumored to have been because of a conflict between one of the Exec. Producers and RDA. But we will probably never know for sure. RDA said things were pretty "chilly" between the two of them for awhile. RDA himself was said to have thought he was going to do all of the 5 episodes on SG1, but when he got to Vancouver, he discovered he'd been moved over to SGA instead.

    While I enjoyed his appearance in "The Return", I would have much preferred to see him in episodes of SG1 instead. I thought he was so good in "The Shroud".

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