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    Default On location: Eureka cast/crew filming Christmas episode - Aug 17, 2011

    Hey Eureka fans

    Thought you might want to see some of these pics. Eureka was shooting on location for their Christmas episode Aug 17 at their usual location for the town of "Eureka". A good chunk of the cast was there. Sad that there's only 1 more episode to shoot before the series finale

    All my pics are in my flickr album:

    A few random pics if you don't want to browse:

    I was just standing around chatting with crew, Colin walked by I waved hello, he said hi and would be right back. I didn't think much of it. Went back to chatting with the crew member then I feel someone coming up behind me shaking me then putting me in a headlock haha

    Kavan Smith

    Erica Cerra

    Salli Richardson-Whitfield

    Colin Ferguson

    Neil Grayston

    Exec Producer/Creator Jaime Paglia

    What a nice guy. He took a few moments to chat. I told him I went to Comic Con to see the Eureka panel, and he asked if I managed to get in because he felt bad when he heard so many people couldn't get in.

    Even spoke a bit candidly about the cancellation of Eureka. SyFy did initially have a deal for a 6 episode season 6 but sadly took it off the table in the end. Although he did mention how he managed to convince them to give them 1 more episode to shoot as a wrap up series finale.

    Outside Cafe Diem but looks are deceiving, it's actually a local furniture store

    The entrance to Sheriff Carter's office, even though door goes nowhere into a side of a wall outside a bowling alley hehe

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    Default Re: On location: Eureka cast/crew filming Christmas episode - Aug 17, 2011

    Pretty cool! Good to see Kavan's going to be in it too!
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