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    Angry DO NOT win ...!

    DO NOT win Stargate Atlantis on Blu-ray and an autographed script!

    You must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of the United States or Canada.
    I'm sorry but that's actually one of the things I loved most about SGA, even though it wasn't much used in the show: the fact that the expedition crew had so many members from different countries, representing Earth as a whole.
    It was a departure from the "US & ET only and oh, maybe some russians cause we don't have a choice" of SG1 teams, telling much about the intention of the mission.

    It's quite mean from "the studio and its agents" to disregard this.
    Why, they don't have the funds to ship a $200 box ? Other fans are not "fan" enough? They don't watch US/Canadian ads?
    As a fan I did watch SGU in HD on NRJ12 this year (season 1, the world is already lagging on seasons, no reason it'd be also on prizes), and I did endure much advertising as well, 2 cuts per episode (yeah, France is "evolving" to the ad rate of the US), and most are from the same people anyway (US-owned companies). At least NRJ12 finally found an HD master with the original audio instead of SD french-only dubs like for SGA & SG1... They are still showing SGA in low-rez french-only as of today. Why then have an HD channel, let others use the wasted bandwidth... Damn if I could win it I'd rent it to them >:-)

    Sorry but this is really bothering me. Someone tell them!

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    It's a legal thing. Different countries have different rules about prizes and taxes and how lotteries must be run. That's what they'd term this in some part of the world, a lottery. And only adults can participate in one.

    You have to be 18 because the winner must be an adult. If you're not an adult then if a company asks for personal info from a minor they can run afoul of laws set into place to protect kids from pervs. The UK and Australia and other places all have very different rules regarding give aways, and it'd just be a nightmare to sort them out. So easier to just not even go there.

    There are contests all the time that are open only to AUssies or only to members of the UK, this time it just happens to be US and canada residents.

    It's nothing personal, it's just a result of complex and nightmarish international law.

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