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    Default Re: Canadians! Space is giving us BOTH versions- UK and USA!

    Quote Originally Posted by never_on_earth View Post
    Probably because they can No, really though. I guess different audience calls for different version, or whatever. The fact is, they decided to take a flight to America, probably so that they would broaden their audience. But american people don't have the same taste for TV series as British people (I talk generality, here). So they have to adapt. But they know that they might lose part of their original audience if they changed too much of the original atmosphere, humour, etc... so they had to find a solution. And since it costs a lot of money to cut scene and add new ones, it means that they have the... means.
    So, yeah, they do it because they can.
    Just MHO.
    I think that's why networks do a lot of things they do...just because they can.

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    Default Re: Canadians! Space is giving us BOTH versions- UK and USA!

    (it doesn't air any commercials, just advertisements for it's own content)
    An the odd reminder about paying the license fees.

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