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    Default Re: Speculation how SGU would have ended if it had run it course....

    I think we were practically there already aren't we? Or at least with the main characters anyway...

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    Default Re: Speculation how SGU would have ended if it had run it course....

    Anyone ever speculate that the planet builders are in fact the first beings that ever ascended. Maybe the Ancients weren't the first as we are led to believe and the "Signal" is from them.

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    Default Re: Speculation how SGU would have ended if it had run it course....

    Would imagine Rush would have gone "into the sunset" with the ship. Others would have 'returned home'.

    Depends on whether Destiny was regarded as a "scientific project' designed to trace signals etc like we have today or would have been considered a 'spiritual project' relevant to attaining ascension. And.or whether the scientific info would have been considered relevant as they changed their focus toward ascension

    I would imagine the planet builders would have come into it in some way, that was probably part of a multi-season story arch which plays subtly behind the scenes of all the other plots and sub-plots until the final season

    What I would have found curious, is whether 'ascended characters' would have ended up coming into play in the plotlines. Even if they had long ascended, they may have still had a passing interest in the fate of the ship and project.

    Haven't seen all of season 2 yet, including the 'faith' episode so can't say too much on this notion of 'reproducing life'? or whether they are ascendants. I was wondering whether in that case they would be ascended 'ancients' (I'm sure they had an actual name other than 'ancients') or whether there would be other ascended races from other civilisations (I wonder if the mysterious "Furlongs" would have been finally clarified)

    Oh well, can only speculate

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    Default Re: Speculation how SGU would have ended if it had run it course....

    Sorry for the lateness. Here's my best guesses:

    Comments, suggestions welcome!

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    Default Re: Speculation how SGU would have ended if it had run it course....

    Maybe a bit enhusiastic plan, but it would have been cool if Destiny could have started the Big Bang. Like a little "sperm" what is flying to fertilize the egg, then boom the universe starts expand. If we suggest that there is a Big Bang then it somewhere must happen the opposite like a Big Collide. Like when you open one hand and close the other at the same time then you repeat it again and again. Anyway this scenario could have happened if the Destiny would have started to speed up and fly not just through space but going back in time approximately 13,8 billion years ago....
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    Default Re: Speculation how SGU would have ended if it had run it course....

    There was a 'Virtual Season 3' bouncing around a few years ago that I thought was really great, despite some major flaws. It was about 10 episodes, with a final 'movie' that served not just as a conclusion to SGU, but also to SG1 and SGA. It put a neat bow around the series.

    The 'big story' of SGU was a little like what you're suggesting -- and it involved the Planet Builders, and the reason why the show was clled 'Universe' and the ship called 'Destiny'. Very high concept, and better than most fanfic.

    I'm sure you can still find it out there.

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