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    Default Re: Favorite Warehouse 13 Quotes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gegee23 View Post
    H.G. Wells: [about HG's outfit] What? I checked. This is what the fashionable British archaeologists are wearing nowadays.
    Myka Bering: No... It's what American filmmakers think fashionable British archaeologists are wearing nowadays.
    H.G. Wells: Oh... Well, it *is* ever so comfy.
    LOL, I loved that one too. Her outfit had me rolling on the floor. She still looked awesome in it though.
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    Default Re: Favorite Warehouse 13 Quotes!

    "Here, give me a mirror!"
    *Artie hands her something shiny.*
    "Artie...that's a peppermint patty."

    LOL, this one cracked me up for some reason.
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    Default Re: Favorite Warehouse 13 Quotes!

    From The Last Ep kinda spoilerish

    *Pete Notices Baldar is in Charge of Warehouse 13 borg army*


    Pete: SO What's next Mcpherson and Walter Sykes are running the Cafeteria?..... There's still a cafeteria right? should we go check it out?

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