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    Default The Doctor's Wife Behind The Scenes clip SPOILERS

    Ok, there's some background to this...

    Last year, the BBC kids' show Blue Peter ran a competition to design a new TARDIS console, much like the competition to design an alien which resulted in the Absorbaloff...

    The winning console design will be featured in The Doctor's Wife (and will also be released as a toy playset, so we can assume it'll get some serious airtime on the Episode)


    Anyway, Blue Peter paid a visit to the set and the video report can be seen on their site

    (I'm guessing this can only be seen by UK residents).

    I'm sorry if there's some formatting or rules I've messed up by just posting this. I'll have to let the Mods deal with any infractions this time, and I'll take good note for next time

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    Default Re: The Doctor's Wife Behind The Scenes clip SPOILERS


    It's probably from one of the crashed TARDISes that's fallen victim to "House"

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    Default Re: The Doctor's Wife Behind The Scenes clip SPOILERS


    .. Roadhouse ...


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    Default Re: The Doctor's Wife Behind The Scenes clip SPOILERS

    That's pretty cool. I'd say it was incorporated a LOT better than that "Absorbaloff" thing.
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