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    Quote Originally Posted by jelgate View Post
    No it didn't. As much as I loved SGU it didn't perform well in any market
    In any market that was recordable.

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    Default Re: Eli isn't going to fix it.


    I'm very late to this thread, but perhaps I can add something.

    As I wrote in a related thread, I feel Eli fixing the pod, or using any of many other potential ways to stay alive onboard Destiny, if the show's writers so chose, would be the easy way out. It would be a wasted opportunity. Worst of all, it would certify the abandonment of the Novan Descendants at the mercy of the Drone armada.

    But his remaining alternative isn't just dying without a fight.

    Vastly more satisfying, for Eli's Hero Journey, as well as for general Stargate goodness, would be his leaving Destiny, via the Gate, to find his fate with the Novans, or with the Drones. His planetside adventuring would also open other new opportunities for exploration, problem-solving, general awesomeness, and perhaps even a whole new SGU Season, or an entire spin-off Series.

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