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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon Horus View Post
    No, you can keep it. Mine is a box full of useless information that when I mention any of it, makes my colleagues give me funny looks.
    I am lucky enough to work in a field where, and with people who think, my trivia is interesting and useful. Of course, I'm selective about what I share (making sure it's mostly work related).

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    Ah the good old days of crazy jigsaws.
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    I think one of the best parts of There But For the Grace of God is that is shows Daniel coming home and fearing for and wanting to protect his friends, family and the people of Earth. For so long Abydos had been his home and the place he wanted to get back to, the life he had set up with his wife but this episode shows almost a revitalization of his wanting to protect Earth. From this point on Abydos seems to become a "home away from home" and he definitely still loves the people and culture and he goes out of his way to protect Abydos but this episode finally shows that he has returned home. Alternate Universe episodes for me are tricky-sometimes I like/enjoy them and sometimes i don't. One part i don't particularly like about There But For the Grace of God is the Jack/Sam romance-to me it feels too early after the death of Charlie and the breakdown of Jack's marriage to Sara. I am not against the idea of a Jack/Sam relationship but it created an annoyance with the fans when the two never became a couple but to become a couple one of them would have had to give up their life in the Air Force which for the majority of SG-1 was one of the only ways a person could go through the Stargate. One part i do like about the show is that our characters in the alternate universe did not survive because many sci-fi shows like to give civilizations/stories/characters happy endings rather than ones that made you think for example: if alternate Jack listened to Daniel and didn't nuke alternate Chulak would alternate Teal'c turn against his oppressors?

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