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    Default Re: The Doctor's Wife (3204)

    Quote Originally Posted by jameshawking View Post
    Note: She actually does say "I love you".

    In the confidential they show the scene without the music and the background noise and its clear as day.
    Thanks for confirming that.

    It explains a lot, like when Rose had the time vortex inside her it was the TARDIS soul, the same thing Idris was. and she said "My Doctor"

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    Default Re: The Doctor's Wife (3204)

    I see the post-eater entity possessing GateWorld is alive and well. My own fault for not copying it before posting.

    Basically, I love this episode, best of series 6, just wish ithad been the two parter rather than The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People even though they were more relevant to the overall plot arc of the series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Admiral Mappalazarou View Post
    Can't say I was. I'm finding it difficult to come up with any criticisms to be honest, other than the fact that they should have included all of Gaiman's ideas (although of course it would have extremely thinned the budget). The missing scenes sounded brilliant, especially his initial idea for the Doctor discovering all of the wrecked TARDISs.
    Quote Originally Posted by P-90_177 View Post
    This ^
    These ^


    Couldn't resist. But, no. Seriously. Those.
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    Cool episode. Loved the talking TARDIS.

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