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    Default Mike Dopud Interview

    Not sure if this should be in "The Hunt," but it does mention the episode specifically, so I ask for mercy from the mods...

    Cool interview with Mike Dopud (Varro) about what he is up to and what his role in season 3 would have been, just to rub salt in the wound...,3524083.story

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    Default Re: Mike Dopud Interview

    ooooowwwww. ...that salt really hurt.

    Well, I'm really excited about Blood and Chrome. Guess I shouldn't get too excited. Just let me be excited.
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    Default Re: Mike Dopud Interview

    Much more than the interview, what caught my attention was that link with news of post apocaliptic sci fi project with Jenifer Spencer as lead actor. Aliens x Aliens using Earth as battleground while we watch and try to survive is a really cool and fresh approach. It has potential!
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    Default Re: Mike Dopud Interview

    Wow.. MI4, Blood and chrome, and rise of the planet of tha apes.. COOL!

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    Default Re: Mike Dopud Interview

    I really wish we had gotten to see him play a larger role in Season 3. What a shame.

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    Default Re: Mike Dopud Interview

    I just really wish we would have gotten a season 3.

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