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    Default Re: Varro, Ronon, and Teal'c Crossover idea?

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman37 View Post
    Any episode that begins with, "Wouldn't it be cool if..." is going to fail. Just tell a story and IF it calls for a crossover, great. However, the story shouldn't begin with the crossover concept, because then the writing must service the crossover instead of the crossover servicing the writing.

    Besides, we already saw Teal'c and Ronon together in Atlantis "Midway."

    Who is Varro?
    Any post that ends with "Who is Varro?" means the one who posted it may not exactly know what would be cool as an SGU episode since you haven't even seen Varro, based on your post.

    You can do a crossover concept without having the writing service the crossover instead of the writing (that wouldn't be a smart move anyway and I don't think the SGU writers would make a large mistake like that). Of course we all know that pulling that off would take some skill, but I wouldn't dismiss this idea as impossible.

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    Default Re: Varro, Ronon, and Teal'c Crossover idea?

    Varro is like "teal'c ultralight"

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