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    Default Re: 'Common Descent' (217) General Discussion

    Who's to say they have not survived?

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    Default Re: 'Common Descent' (217) General Discussion

    Brilliant story. One of the best episodes in SGU...

    It must be real strange to meet descendants of yourself

    I hate drones...

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    I wonder.. we know the command crew viewed the kino footage showing who got with whom.. did the rest of the crew become privvy to that info?

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    Really liked this episode. I totally forgot about the duplicates creating a society of people. It was funny how two of the young people they first meet looked like Scott and Chloe.

    I would like to see more of how they survived in the beginning. Its funny how every ai or automated machine goes around killing everybody. Be nice to see one that just went around helping people.

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    One thing that seems inconsistent to me is it the Destiny crew started out on Novus with nothing but the clothes on their back, and in two thousand years had advanced to the point where much of their technology and science had surpassed that of Earth.

    Yet, the people they encountered on the first planet that was a settlement from Novus were still living in tents with a fairly primitive lifestyle (with the exception of the radios and antennas, at least that we were able to see).

    You would think that after a few years, with no contact from Novus or anyone else and not being able to contact them, they would realize they were stranded and would have to do what the Destiny crew did on Novus and start over from scratch.

    What also doesn't make sense is they had been on that new planet at least 30 or 40 years, which is about the same amount of time that passed from when the Destiny crew landed on Novus to the dedication of Eli's Elementary School. Yet Novus was considerably more advanced already - despite having started with nothing, they had a small town with houses, a school, etc whereas Yazoo's group was looking like they were on a camping trip.

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    The Destiny was populated by scientists and soldiers who may have had building experience. The group from Novus appear to have been entirely unqualified for being left on their own. Rather than compare them to the crew of the Destiny, a more apt comparison might be some of the early North American settlers who were not suited to surviving on their own and either perished or survived only because they were resupplied in time, got help from the natives, or only a small percentage of the original population just barely made it on their own.

    Here's a quote from the episode:

    YAOZU: We were supposed to build a colony, but only with the help of our homeworld and an open Gate with providing ongoing support and supplies.

    ELLIE: We're surviving, but just barely.

    YAOZU: We have struggled through great hardship.
    At an earlier point, the sight of Rush elicited fear in some of the colonists and we got this line:

    YAOZU: There are those somewhat less enlightened among our people who believe he is a demon who rips souls from human bodies and takes them to hell, where they suffer for all eternity.
    Like with some the earliest people to try to establish colonies in the Americas, the Novus colony does not appear to have been populated with their civilization's best and brightest. They volunteered to give up lives in a highly developed civilization in order to try to lay down stakes on a completely undeveloped planet. It's very easy to imagine that they may have been motivated by a mix of religious beliefs and/or problems they had on Novus.

    It could be that although most of their initial expedition was unqualified, there were some technically inclined individuals who didn't survive a famine after being cut off from Novus or that Novus intended to assist the colony by sending qualified people to help build up their infrastructure and train the colonists for short periods of time. In the latter case, skilled individuals could have been paid well by Novus to go from colony to colony, helping unqualified groups establish settlements, so it may not have been in their interest to get tied to any one colony.

    Also, the area around the gate looked like a northern forest, so seeing them survive for 30 years in tents may have seemed odd, but whether tents or more permanent structures were the best option depends on local conditions. For the crew of the Destiny who did not have any shelter upon arrival, were facing harsh winters, and obviously settled in a location where producing enough food to support their population through farming was possible, permanent structures made sense. For the Novus colony, it depends. The environment could have been temperate enough for tent living to be comfortable for them. Building permanent structures without the proper tools requires a large investment in time and energy. If you're having problems finding enough food to support your population on a consistent basis and the climate doesn't require you to build better structures for survival, your time and energy is better spent on food.

    Similarly, the way they supplied their population with food may have dictated a quasi-nomadic lifestyle regardless of the weather (think Mongolia). We know there were three settlements by the gate, but we don't know if they're always there. For example, in warmer weather it may suit them to pack up their tents and move to fertile hunting grounds, then retreat back to established sites by the gate when the weather gets colder. This would create the impression that they're less advanced, but a sedentary lifestyle is not always the best way to ensure survival. Plenty of real world colonists have failed to understand that at their own peril.
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    Yazoo's group had to leave Novus at some point (them or their predecessors -- post-Destiny crew). It makes sense since the atmosphere on the planet was completely screwed and by the end, the whole computer facility goes down. Everyone had to basically climb from the bottom of the underground facility to get the hell out of there since the whole place was already collapsing on itself. They even tried to salvage the computer database, but managed to get only a portion of it since the black hole stuff was already happening. Which means if they wouldn't come along with another Novus-like computer facility that only God knows where, which contains the same database and if the cure for ALS was not in the portion of the database that got downloaded to Destiny's insanely huge hard/flash drives, then T.J. wouldn't be around for much longer.

    And since JM posted that they were considering the three years in the future scenario and if Woolsey would finally get the Langarans to allow them to use their Gate to send reinforcements and re-supplies to the ship, I suspect we'd be seeing a new nurse/doctor on Destiny in SGU S3 unless fans wouldn't come in and the writers would be forced to do another Carson-magic-comeback-like story, which would totally piss me off.

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    Default Re: 'Common Descent' (217) General Discussion

    Her condition is stable as long as she is in the stasis pod. They could cure her
    - with a Goa'uld / Tok'Ra symbionte if the ship could be taken over during the years
    - leave her in the pod
    - search for solution in an alternate reality where the Novus civilization is still there
    - Vanirs could enter Destiny and maybe they could clone a new body for her
    - they could use some stem cells to heal her
    - she would have a false test
    Anything can happen in a scifi.
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