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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    Quote Originally Posted by Python View Post
    I bet there are 6 or 7 other episodes that aired before this that they could have just deleted and scored better ratings, if they got to this episode sooner.
    We'll never know.

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    9 from me.

    The part about Volker, Greer and TJ was simply awesome. It had some of the best character moments in the *franchise*.

    The part about Chloe/Ginn/Mandy trio was less successful. Honestly, I'm not sure yet how I feel about it. I guess I'll wait and see how will it play out. I liked Eli, Rush and Young's reaction to the situation but Scott kinda got on my nerves (just when I was starting to like him!) so the ep loses at least 0,5 points just because of him.

    All in all, one of the best episodes so far IMO.
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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    I gave it a 9/10
    I never expected to see the beautiful Ginn and Amanda Perry.
    besides that it was another amazing episode of season two

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    I gave this episode a 9 out of 10.

    If Syfy had canceled SGU after episode 9 of season 1, I would not have cared too much. I would have relegated SGU to the same place as Infinity and not thought about it again. From Space to now, the series has gotten better and better, and I am incredibly saddened that it will end with no natural conclusion.

    That said, I loved the humor in this episode, and I am glad to see Ginn and Amanda back. I see that some people are discussing using the Asgard database to create clones for Ginn and Amanda, but during the episode, I was wondering whether it would be possible to get Thor's imprint and load it into Destiny's computer. I know SGU is not trying to use too much from SG-1, but I do miss the Asgard.

    I also liked the live chat during the episode. I read them the comments during the commercials and usually by the time I have caught up, the show is back on.

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    So a 10/10.

    So emotional. Why Dale in pain??

    Was on the verge of tears when Brody had his problems with the radio lol. Loved how Ron took Dale to the Hyponicsbay to make him feel like he was back in his backyard.

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    Lieutenant Colonel xxxevilgrinxxx's Avatar
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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    an easy nine


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    First Lieutenant GATEGOD's Avatar
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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    This episode makes me wish I could Yell to the creators of this show how much I loved this!!!!

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'


    I gave twin destinies a 9 and alliances 8, although I found the episode very enjoyable I preferred and rated alliances higher so felt 7 best suited it.

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    I liked Twin Destinies a bit more so 9 from me.

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    8/10. Good drama episode with excellent humor moments.

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    Second Lieutenant Skiznot's Avatar
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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    10. Favorite scene was Greer and Volker in the garden. Perry showing up to help TJ is what kicked it up to a 10. With all the spoilers I got, I didn't see that coming and it finally answer the question of what happened to the people Rush was seeing in his head. Best episode of the season for me because I love it when things come together.
    I love SGU and I even like the other two SGU prequel shows

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    I would give "Hope" a solid 8.

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    For surprise reappearance of Ginn and Amanda Perry. Not such a surprise where they ended up though, saw that coming a mile off!

    The Volker and Greer moment stole the show, the powerful impact of a simple act of honest concern for a fellow human being, two people you would never imagine sharing that moment in the garden.

    Starrrgate humour, always gets me yo-ho-ho!ing, Dale's expression was a picture during 'that' discussion! The music...again Dale's pained expression, not from his illness either!!! Just so surreal, hilarious.

    Have to give it a 9 for the wonderful jumps from the sublime to the ridiculous! Haven't seen it executed so well since the SG-1 days of 'Window of Opportunity'.

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    Captain Phenom's Avatar
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    Dec 2008

    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    3 for me. Boring as bat droppings. Reminded me of the terrible offerings from the first half of Season 1 that caused the show to get canned. The rest of 2.5 has been great though.

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    See, THIS is what I'm talking about. They should have worked it so this episode would have aired in the first season, or at least the beginning of the second. We shouldn't have had to wait this long for this kind of exploration into the stones and Destiny's chair.


    Other than Twin Destinies, easily the best episode of the show, largely because of the focus on the second string characters. Emotionally real, humorous performances from all of the IT squad. Drama without having it forced on us with sad, emo overdub. Wonder at life and a stiff upper lip from a guy who's looking death in the face. Even subtle black comedy! (2001 as operating theme is best single moment this show's made). Swear, other than Carlyle, all the people with acting chops are stuck fixing pipes on this ship. Could we just have the rest of the show be second stringers? They're all so understated and awesome.

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    It's too much a transplant story, 7/10. But the setting and the events around this guideline of the story, confirm to me the impression that if they would have made more episodes like the ones of the second half of the season two (and several also of the first half of this season), there would have been a third season.

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    Default Re: VOTE! How would you rate 'Hope?'

    10. rush rushing (terrible i know) to see amadna i think her name is and nearly crying was powerfully to me anyway. greer is one of my favorite characters loved that part one of the best if not THE best episode for me

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