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    Default The Scattered Earth - A New book series featuring SG Authors

    The Scattered Earth is an epic story arc created by three authors, Aaron Rosenberg, Steven Savile, and myself, David Niall Wilson. The story will begin with very separate novels about very different planets ... discovering space travel and reaching out. Eventually, these novels and stories and audiobooks will draw together into the bigger picture - The Scattered Earth.

    Book I - The Birth of the Dread Remora - by Aaron Rosenberg- is now available in a variety of eBook formats, available at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and just about every possible eBook outlet - and will soon be available for libraries through The unabridged audiobook is in production. BOOK II - The Second Veil - by David Niall Wilson - will be available soon. The third book in the series will be announce in early summer and will come from International Best-selling author Steven Savile.

    If you order The Birth of the Dread Remora direct from Crossroad Press and use the coupon code remora1 - you will save 20 percent.

    We're hoping fans of Stargate and other sci-fi series works will enjoy what we've created:


    Nathaniel Demming is a midshipman aboard the HMES Remora, the very first ship to go beyond their world's waters and out into the ether. He and the rest of the crew are ready for adventure, eager to explore the unknown and chart a new course for the rest of their world to follow. But what they find out there will change their lives, and their perspective, forever. The ether is not empty at all, but teeming with life--including vicious marauders waiting to prey upon the hapless Remora. Can Demming help his friends and fellow officers through the crises that await? Can they survive the dangers all around them? And can he convince them to transform their ship and themselves into the antithesis of everything they trained for, while still holding true to everything they believe in?

    Birth of the Dread Remora is the first tale of the epic Scattered Earth saga, and the first in a series of swashbuckling adventures about the space-pirate ship the Dread Remora!

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    Default Re: The Scattered Earth - A New book series featuring SG Authors

    No comments yet, but I HAVE noticed a few UK buyers for the book. I hope some of you will give us a shot...who knows, maybe someday The Scattered Earth will hit TV, taking this whole fandom thing in the other direction...

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    Default Re: The Scattered Earth - A New book series featuring SG Authors

    I'm informed that - before Book II becomes available - there will be a novelette released featuring the Captain and crew of The Dread Remora...if you are interested, stay tuned. More to follow.

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    Default Re: The Scattered Earth - A New book series featuring SG Authors

    Sounds interesting, will have to wait a few weeks before I can buy it unfortuantly.

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    Default Re: The Scattered Earth - A New book series featuring SG Authors

    Sorry so long away. We've had two more books in the series release... Crossed Paths is a novelette - a story of The Dread Remora, also by Aaron Rosenberg...and today The Second Veil was released - my own first contribution ... and The Birth of the Dread Remora is now out in trade paperback. The series grows...the saga continues.

    THE SECOND VEIL - by David Niall Wilson - only $3.99 at Crossroad Press in digital - soon in print.

    When Euphrankes Holmynn, Captain of the Airship Vector, approaches the High Council with a plan for launching an airship through The Second Veil, an energy barrier that has protected their planet since the beginning of their collective memories, he is dismissed and banished from the city. Then a flaming object is spotted by the priests in The Chamber of Stars, rushing toward their planet on a collision course with the city, and everything changes. The domed cities and shielded roads of their planet are the only things protecting the shrinking resources that keep them all object crashing through the Second Veil, and then the First, striking the city, could kill thousands. Armed with a brilliant mind and a miraculous new technology, Euphrankes and his team, along with Maester Zins of the airship Axis, must combine forces with the High Council and find a way to save their city, and their planet, from a threat unlike any they've ever encountered. The Second Veil is the second novel in The Tales of the Scattered Earth.

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    Default Re: The Scattered Earth - A New book series featuring SG Authors

    This review comment was from someone I know, in the interest of full disclosure, but it made me smile. He's also the one I named High Councilor Cumby after...

    "I read The Second Veil this morning on my ipad Kindle app and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was as if Jules Verne had co-authored it with Arthur C. Clarke. It reminded me a little of one of my favorite books as a little kid, "Distant Worlds" by Fredrich Mader - written I believe in the 1890s and a great steampunk progenitor.

    The true measure of a book is how disappointed you are when it is over. I was sorely disappointed and look forward to the continuing adventures of Captain Frankes and High Councillor Cumby."

    Now on Amazon and B&N as well as at the Crossroad Press Store

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