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    Default Re: Thank you, Stargate Universe

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    I would just like to add my thanks for SGU. It was different from the rest of Stargate--more like the reimagined Battlestar Galactica than like SG-1 or SG-A. Those were good in their own ways, but SGU delivered a higher caliber of drama. Not as many laughs, but good sci-fi!
    Yeah what was great it was a drama set in a Sci Fi world, they were very relatable and engaging human issues they all had

    This might sound outlandish but it's similar to why I enjoyed GoT initially. They came out at the same time and for mine SGU was on a par with GoT and similarly had a capacity to transcend its genre and become huge with momentum

    Would have liked to stick to five seasons though, as like GoT or X-Files back in the day it could have gone on too long and the quality suffered
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