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    Quote Originally Posted by puiwaihin View Post
    I would just like to add my thanks for SGU. It was different from the rest of Stargate--more like the reimagined Battlestar Galactica than like SG-1 or SG-A. Those were good in their own ways, but SGU delivered a higher caliber of drama. Not as many laughs, but good sci-fi!
    Yeah what was great it was a drama set in a Sci Fi world, they were very relatable and engaging human issues they all had

    This might sound outlandish but it's similar to why I enjoyed GoT initially. They came out at the same time and for mine SGU was on a par with GoT and similarly had a capacity to transcend its genre and become huge with momentum

    Would have liked to stick to five seasons though, as like GoT or X-Files back in the day it could have gone on too long and the quality suffered
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    Default Re: Thank you, Stargate Universe

    Re-watching this now,

    strangely it is all the small things I love, the camera style, Joel Goldsmith score, CGI and practical effects mix is perfect

    So even if the show was able to come back, I would be quite insistent on all the small things being the same, to the point where the new musician mimmick Goldsmith score

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuralArchitect View Post
    Eventhough I doubt anyone still looks at this thread, I just discovered it and I really want to add my gratitude!

    I could literally carry on for many pages about how much I adore SGU and all the wonderful things about it. I could also express my frustration, disappointment and anger about its cancellation and the individuals and factors which were and seem to be the cause of that, and enumerate all the mistakes made (by network executives primarily—although I'm trying to refraid from negativity I must be clear that none of my 'blame' is directed towards anyone directly involved with the making/production of the show itself!). But I'll try to keep my expression reasonably succinct.

    I first want to offer my most heartfelt gratitude, awe, adoration, praise and affection to all the outstanding, talented actors who truly brought the characters and the script to life in such a visceral, genuine, emotive, realistically human and captivating way! Your performances were stellar, and truly remarkable. From the very beginning and until the very end all of the actors really gave their all and put their whole heart into their work—particularly the main 'starring' cast members. While I'm sure you would graciously site the factors and forces that inspired, evoked and supported you through that process, you are all to commended for your work which I consider to be without question the best acting in sci-fi, and truly on-par with the best acting on TV.
    I have never witnessed a series that started so strongly! By that, I mean the chemistry & relationships among the cast members and the depth of character revealed from the very beginning. Most other shows took half a season—often multiple seasons—before they were able to generate the sense of intimacy, complexity & depth of character and sense of reality and honesty that you were creating from the first scenes of the pilot episode. Truly remarkable and fantastic!

    And of course, I have to thank the writers, creators and producers. Despite whatever criticism has been directed towards you, I maintain that you did a brilliant and breath-taking job of creating an amazing premise, very evocative and realistic characters and you wove together all these various elements together with such mastery into a richly complex & multilayered tapestry of stories which were so exciting, emotional, provocative, unique and captivating—but most of all: realistic and human! It's not easy to come up with something new and different in sci-fi—it seems like it's all been done (in one way or another). But you succeeded in either finding a new way & context to present familiar motifs, and also you came up with many fabulous and enthralling ideas and story lines that were totally new and original.
    My only real 'gripe' is that ideas and seeds to support the new series were subtly embedded into the dialogue of SGA, even just a handful of little tidbits would have gone a long way towards encouraging fans to embrace SGU. I am aware of dialogue from one scene that was tragically edited from the final cut.

    I also want to express my thanks and admiration for the absolutely stunning and incredibly fantastic & gorgeous work done by everyone in the art department—which has a very broad and encompassing meaning to me and includes everyone involved with make-up & costumes, anyone who worked with the props and the sets/stages/scenery, as well as all those involved in post-production and special effects, plus everyone who helped with lighting, photography, cinematography... Basically, everyone besides the actors and writers who had something to do with something that appeared on screen is part of the "art department" in my head. You guys are utterly amazing and inspired and the work you did with SGU was outstanding—truly above and beyond! The work you guys did on each episode is on par with and rivals major motion pictures.

    And now, I express my gratitude to a man who will never hear me... In my opinion—if I had to pick someone who single-handedly had the most pervasive and intense emotional impact on the final production, it would without question be Joel Goldsmith and the dazzling, spellbinding and heart-wrenching original score he produced for the series! What he did with SGU was unprecedented in my opinion, the quality, originality, creativity and genius of the music he generated was on a whole new level and was undoubtedly the best work of his career and life in my mind.
    Joel's contribution to the series was almost immeasurable. The emotional scope of his music and the vast palette of sounds included in the soundscapes he generated are unrivaled and truly inspired.

    I have watched the series in its entirety at least 7 times and I have watched the pilot and first few episodes with numerous friends to turn them on to this fantastic show, and instead of getting tired of it I continue to enjoy and appreciate it more. Each time I notice more details, nuances and layers that only increase my respect, amazement, gratitude and fervor for the series and everyone involved with its creation and production.

    I only wish it had not been murdered at such a young age, leaving so many questions & mysteries forever unanswered and unresolved. Only recently am I finally beginning to accept and come to terms with the fact that it truly is gone forever and will never be revived or rebooted, and that none of those questions will ever be answered and none of those stories will ever be told... and quite frankly it breaks my heart!
    I feel like as brilliant and wonderful as the first two seasons were, they were really just getting started with the stories to be told and mysteries to be revealed about the Ancients and the rich & colorful mythology of the stargate.
    I still can't really, fully accept that this franchise is dead—it just doesn't make any sense! I still haven't given up all hope that somehow, some day stargate will once again grace our screens, entertain us and spark our imaginations with that unparalleled sense of magic, wonder, joy & adventure!

    Thank you SGU for all the marvelous hours of top quality entertainment that you have and will continue to give me and those I share you with!!!
    Nicely said

    I have to say I actually have come to put this down as my favourite TV show ever

    People are critical of the early episodes - too much of a contrast - and people miffed about SGA cancellation I suspect.

    If they ran the two alongside eachother it would have worked better

    I loved the gritty sets, felt less like a "campy" SciFi show and more like a Drama set in space, with enough Astrophysics in to please Sci Fi fans especially in season 2

    Perhaps for me personally, I enjoy films like Zulu or Das Boot about a band of people persevering against overwhelming odds, which is why SGU appeals to me perhaps

    This was the Game of Thrones of Sci Fi, and then the SyFy Execs had the audacity around 2014 or so to whinge about wanting new Sci Fi original content after the way they put wrestling and reality TV on instead of original programming after they saw how well GoT did. But that's GFC era execs taking an Accounting approach for you

    But two things stand out for me, firstly the CGI. Brilliantly done and it's weird in comparison to S5 of SGA. I think I remember discussion about how it was because of the time of year of release, eg same CGI budget but more time to work on the SGU CGI and so it is more refined

    And of course I can't seperate SGU from its music, I love the ending credits, the scores are perfectly on point. Even the Pop songs they put in were relevant

    As for the actors, great chemistry from the outset. The issue people have is the "slowness" of the episodes but they were all relevant, firstly there's a thematic reason why they are focusing on core elements, of light, water, earth and air related to the evolutionary journey, and secondly unlike an SGU or SGA episode where the protagonists are rescued quite quickly they had to get to grips with the fact they were there for the long haul

    There are great week to week episodes but unlike Directionless shows like Walking Dead or shows like X-Files that I liked but ended up incoherently all over the place, I can tell that like Breaking Bad there is a fantastic coherent plan building up in SGU

    The Production team were such a well-oiled machine at that point and it showed, Carlyle a brilliant actor to build around and they would have articulated the stories well with a fantastic accompanying score (though Goldmsith would have passed away in the equivalent of season 3 or 4 I think

    I do wonder about how it could come back, they would have to do a mini-series and I reckon it would be well-received, especially now in the streaming era. This is better than a cold series like Origins

    Just do what X-Files did with a six part series, blend SGU and SGA though and hopefully they can have an 11 part season 2 etc

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