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    Is Homecoming worth reading? I somehow got it but never read it. I have issues with ADD which interferes with my reading and watching tv.
    I like Daniel. Why is there not a simple heart emoji? I got a crush on Daniel. I think I always did.

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    Default Re: SGA Legacy Book Series

    Personally, am a big fan of the Legacy series. They're admittedly not for everyone but I like they had the freedom to just expand and delve into the Wraith culture properly.

    Stargate Destiny - Coming Again Soon

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    Default Re: SGA Legacy Book Series

    I did enjoy Homecoming, and I have just received The Lost and Allegiance which follow on from it.
    It was nice to see what would have happened if we had got another series, and this is going to be fun to see what happens to McKay in his new situation in The Lost
    Read it VrotoTurtle
    And Elite Anubis Guard, agree with you, and it was nice to see Todd

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