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    Default Re: SGA Legacy Book Series

    I did read Homecoming and I thought it was well written, still I do not feel like reading the rest of them, was not my cup of tea all in all

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    Default Re: SGA Legacy Book Series

    Great news!

    The eNovellas the Wild Blue, Lost Queen, and From the Depths are all now available in print editions.

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    Default Re: SGA Legacy Book Series

    I have been naughty and bought a kindle and read all the books apart from Valhalla, I am not a fan of Jonas, could someone who is also not a fan tell me what this one is like please.

    The Kindle was the cheaper option, it was costing me a lot of money, altho i do love proper books, i gave in, ive read over 65 of SGA and SG1 books i think it is, all of them were very well written. I loved The Barque of Heaven the best. The Legacy series is amazing, i would recommend it to everyone.

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    Default Re: SGA Legacy Book Series

    I've just started reading this series, and think this is how a storyline in the sixth series may have gone. Really enjoying Homecoming so far, the characters are very well written.

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    Default Re: SGA Legacy Book Series

    I started this series a little while ago, can't remember when exactly I started Homecoming, but I've since finished it, and am now currently over half way through book 4 The Furies, and can I just say I'm loving this series. I'm still disappointed that Atlantis finished after S5 and would have loved to have had one more season if not two more. So I was happy to discover this series.

    It's good to see Sam back in Atlantis, even if it's only when The Hammond is there, and it's also nice to see Cadman back again, and now a Captain as well. But it's good to see more of Lorne. I wished he'd been in the series more, and while he isn't in this series a great deal either, it's nice to see him pop up now and then. Hopefully he'll be in the other books a bit more.

    Also, I'm liking the developing relationship between John and Teyla, and look forward to seeing more of that.

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