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    Ok i can understand zoey's avatar having her memories since she created her but.....How does tamara's avatar have her memories, i can see personality but not memories, also if she has her memories why doesnt she remember being on the train and seeing it wasn't zoey with the bomb.

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    They were both created with the same incredibly complex alogrithm and that's why they both have the memories of the original people in their head. And the maglev was huge. Tamara probably didn't even see Ben and Zoe there.

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    Tamara probably doesn't know who detonated the bomb, she probably found out from her followers in V-World. And everybody in the real world thinks it was Zoe.

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    Exactly everyone thinks Zoe did it in the real world but its a good question. I wondered how she knew but people in V world could tell her it was Zoe. and of course they all wanted to get her even though they new it was not the original Zoe.

    Kenton Canada

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