This is a fic I started writing with an idea this morning...

I do not know if I'll finish it, but I'll try. Here's the first part.

If you don't want to start a story that might not end, don't read this (well not until I get the end, if I do)

You've been warned.


STARGATE SG-1: Hide and Go Seek
Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate...

"Ever heard of the Barenaked Ladies?"

"What?" Samantha Carter asked, turning to Colonel Jack O'Neill. She hadn't been paying attention to the Colonel's statements until now. So far all she had derived from the conversation was that O'Neill wanted her to go somewhere.

"It's a band," O'Neill responded, "They're playing in town today. Thought you might want to come with."

Carter looked at him. She had been asked to go fishing many times, but never to a concert. She looked back at her work, then back to the Colonel, "I got this--"

"Oh, ok," O'Neill said, "I'll just myself..." then he turned out and entered the hallway. Carter sighed, and turned back to the device she had been working on, pondering whether or not to go with him.

O'Neill was fairly impressed with himself as he exited the large building in which the concert had been held. His ears were still drumming, and it was long into the night. Teal'C was beside him.

"Now that was a concert!" O'Neill said, smiling, looking around. Cars and trucks were pulling out and disappearing into the night. He began walking towards his.

"Indeed," Teal'C said, half regretting excepting the Colonel's offer of going to the concert.

"What was your favourite song?"

Teal'C looked at the Colonel, and blinked. He had not been paying attention to the names (or the songs) and was unprepared for the question, and instead lied, "They were all good."

"That's the spirit," O'Neill said, smiling, "There's another band coming next week, coming?"

Teal'C didn't respond, as they climbed into O'Neill's truck. O'Neill didn't have time to say anything before his phone went off.

"Good timing," O'Neill said as he turned on the phone. He listened for a moment, then said, "Be right there," then he folded up the cell phone and put it into his pocket.

"What is it, O'Neill?"

"A robbery in the S.G.C," O'Neill responded dully.

Hammond put down the phone, then looked back to Daniel and Samantha Carter, "Colonel O'Neill and Teal'C are on their way."

"That's good," Daniel said, "Why am I here?"

"The device we found from the last planet we went to was stolen. I was working on it and left for a few minutes...when I returned it was gone," Carter said. Daniel leaned back in his chair.

"An inside S.G.C personnel just...stole it?" Daniel asked. Carter nodded.

"I guess so," Carter said. At that moment the door opened, and a soldier walked in.

"General Hammond, sir. One of the guards on floor one said he saw one of your people leave with a large suit case in a large red ford truck," the soldier said.

"Thank you," Hammond said. The man nodded and left.

"Well, now we know what happened...but why?" Daniel asked. Then he thought of something, "What did you find out about this device?"

"All I had found out to that point was in the report I handed in this afternoon," Carter said, "It appeared to be a weapon of some sort..."

"Now we know why," Daniel said.

Teal'C and O'Neill walked up to the door of General Hammond's office. O'Neill had been expecting some sleep, but work came first, sadly. He waited there, until he heard the familiar, "Come in," from Hammond. O'Neill opened the door, and stepped in, taking a seat beside Daniel. Teal'C shut the door behind him, and stood there.

"What is it, General?" O'Neill asked, not bothering to hide the fact that he was tired and would much rather be sleeping at the moment.

"Someone has stolen the device Sam was working on," Daniel answered instead of Hammond.

"You're not Hammond," O'Neill said blandly.

"No...I guess I'm not," Daniel said.

"So. What do you want to do?" O'Neill asked.

"You will get some sleep - all of you - and return to base in the morning," Hammond said, "We shall then proceed with finding this man and retrieving the weapon."

"Why wait?" Daniel asked.

"Sounds perfectly reasonable to me," O'Neill said, "Bye."

O'Neill left the room, and Daniel sighed. Teal'C followed, and Sam was third out. Daniel looked at the General, "Good night," Daniel said, and then left the room.