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    Default Season 5. The Commentarys. Yes or No?

    Basically just got done watching S-5 on Netflix.
    Now am starting to wonder if I missed any true gems by skipping the S-features,and Comms.
    Any opnions on this as a whole?
    Yay or Nay
    I like Sharky

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    Default Re: Season 5. The Commentarys. Yes or No?

    If you have the time, they're worth listening to.

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    Default Re: Season 5. The Commentarys. Yes or No?

    for sure worth listening to !!! i did right after season 5. The commentarys where cool especially the last few episodes. I Vote a big YAY !

    Kenton Canada

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    Default Re: Season 5. The Commentarys. Yes or No?

    Personally, I learn a lot from watching them, so I try not to skip any from any season because some have interesting things about the show, while others talk about the more technical aspects of making the show, while many are a mix...

    Facebook post about Alexis Cruz and the Audiobook he's done. If you're a fan of Alexis and his work - you'll love it. Book 1 and 2 are there now. The second one is brilliant, but I can't vouch for the first one (not having heard it), but I'm sure it's just as good, if not better.

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    Alexis Cruz - Facebook. (insert Klorel/Skaara icon here...) and ThunkThread ~ The Unprofessionals page for updates. ~
    a game for Teal'c fans ~ Skaara/Klorel disscussion ~ Character Connection Game ~ "Beyond Redemption"...

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    Default Re: Season 5. The Commentarys. Yes or No?

    I wish they had more of the actors in them, but definitely worth listening to.

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