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    Default Remy Zero (Smallville Theme Song) NEW SONG !

    Hey Guys,
    I love Smallville and the theme
    song "Save Me" by Remy Zero,
    so I just found out that the band
    has a new song called "Till The End"-first new song
    after 9 years of being broken up,
    I'm super excited to hear it ! Just thought
    I'd share the news with everyone!
    Check it out!! (:

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    Default Re: Remy Zero (Smallville Theme Song) NEW SONG !

    I LOVE REMY ZERO (though I only know Save Me)
    Even With Your Face In The Gutter You Still Had The Hero In Your Heart

    Always Hold On To Smallville

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    Default Re: Remy Zero (Smallville Theme Song) NEW SONG !

    Cool! I'll have to look for that and give it a listen.

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