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    Question Your favourite LOST season?

    I think the title says all you need to know. What are your favourite Season and why?

    For me, S1 and S5 are the best seasons.

    Season 1: plenty of mysteries, surprising character revelations (Locke), the pilot is awesome.

    Season 5: Cool new characters, plenty of action, flash for and backwards, lot´s of interesting twists.

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    I loved season 2 because it was the most action packed & interesting season among all and otherwise i used to watch Lost Online and enjoying each and every episode today also.
    I hope you too...

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    My order:

    Season 2
    Season 1
    Season 6
    Season 5
    Season 4
    Season 3

    .... although I love all the seasons equally, Season 3 is a bit for a let down because of the first half but the last half is in its awesonmness (? a word) again...

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    I love season 1-4!
    But I thought season 5 and 6 were just lame. Especially season 6 was sooo slow and uninteresting.

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    S1 will always have a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed them all to some degree though.

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    An interesting question. As I was watching, in current run, while it was being broadcast, I loved each one, while I was in the midst of it. There are stand-out moments from each season, though I might not be able to pinpoint to which season, some of those moments belong.

    Now, I am watching the whole series again, having bought it, and I'm seeing new things in each episode that I had not recalled. I find myself appreciating different characters on second watch, perhaps, now, knowing how it all turned out.

    Each specific episode feels new, so much of it having been buried beneath the surface of memory. I find myself clapping as each epidisode ends, as if I've just found something out I had not known before. But I feel that is just credit to the way the series was made. In the beginning, I had no idea how sigificant certain things would be as the show meandered through the tangled web of intrigue and relationships. I am applauding how marvelously they put clues in about what would eventually happen.

    This is all to say that, I think, each season needs all the others, and that while it didn't feel seamless during my first time watching, it is very difficult to actually put my finger on a favorite part. The whole idea, and the way it was put together and then offered up to the audience is what makes LOST the amazing journey it became.

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    Quote Originally Posted by raduzhok View Post
    This is all to say that, I think, each season needs all the others, and that while it didn't feel seamless during my first time watching, it is very difficult to actually put my finger on a favorite part. The whole idea, and the way it was put together and then offered up to the audience is what makes LOST the amazing journey it became.
    Well said and I agree. If I had to name one, I'd probably say the first season, but I quite enjoy the series as a whole. Each season adds to the story in its own way...even the last one which I'd probably list as my least favorite, even though I was happy with how it ended.
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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    S1 it was awesome and fresh
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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    i liked season 5, time travel

    followed by:

    season 4
    season 1
    season 3
    season 6
    season 2

    that being said i love it all!

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_kennedy View Post
    S1 it was awesome and fresh


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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    I'd choose:

    1) Season 1
    2) Season 3 - it started poorly but the show peaked at the end of S3 and went downhill from there.
    3) Season 2
    4) Season 4
    5) Season 5
    6) Season 6 - What a waste of the final season

    Season 6 was a HUGE letdown for me. I had hopes the series finale would redeem it but alas it just made everything worse.
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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    Wow, am I the only one with Season 6 as the favorite?

    Descending preference...
    - S6 (I just loved the season; lots of great "big" episodes like "The End" and "The Candidate" and personal ones like "The Substitute", "Ab Aeterno", "Sundown" and "Dr. Linus")
    - S5 (Riding high on time travel and DHARMA arcs! Favorites are "Dead is Dead", "Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" and of course "The Incident")
    - S3 (The big picture more than makes up for Other shenanigans early on. Favorites are "One of Us", "Through the Looking Glass" and "The Man Behind the Curtain")
    - S1 (Extremely well-constructed premiere season. Favorites are "Exodus" and "Outlaws")
    - S4 (Contains my favorite episode from the entire show: "The Shape of Things to Come")
    - S2 (Still good but somehow not on the same level as everything else. Loved "The 23rd Psalm" and the finale)

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    Season 1 and 2 definitely. I enjoyed all seasons of Lost but in the first few seasons I really liked the feeling that they were isolated, alone and afraid of the "others". In the last few seasons all of a sudden there were enough people in the island to fill a small town

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    I like them all. It began out as a show that could really happen. I mean, they crash on an Island and are surviving there. Then they find some monster in the woods and lots of other things. Then the mystery of the Hatch was Super and the show seemed to start to build up that the Hatch contains all the mysteries of the Island, but all that was just a useless science station. The button seemed to be important, but that was proven to be useless by Desmond when he turned the key. My fav character was Locke from the start, but not the Smoke-Locke.
    I think in Season 2 they got too comfortable on the Island like Bernard stated in SOS. The Others were cool in Seasons 1 and 2, but then they were proven to be like normal people. Boring. Season 3 started to go great again, with Jack, Kate and Sawyer captured, but they escaped way too soon to be cool. Eko was mostly useless since Live Together, Die Alone. Still, I loved Season 3 like all others, especially the Jack vs Locke in the end. The freighter, however seemed to simply stand still. A real help, hahaha. I loved it when Ben blew it up. The ending for Season 4 was super. Ben turns the Donkey wheel and next thing you know, he's in Sahara. Locke becoming the leader of the supposedly greatest enemy of the Survivors was funny. I don't think he would have done that in Seasons 1 or 2. Season 5 was cool because of the constant time travel. The Oceanic Six plot was lame however, and I felt they're ruining the show with the outside world. Locke's death made me cry, seriously. And then they come back and I get the happiest day ever when I see Locke resurrected. Then, in Season 6, I have to cry again cos I find that Locke's an impostor and the real Locke is still dead. Finally, the coolest season ever. (Thank god that the past Others killed those pointless survivors in Season 5) The Temple was funny. Smokey was cool but never as cool as Locke. I even hated him more when he started his "let's leave the Island" agenda. Thanks, Jack for killing him. The "alternate reality" was cool. LOST IS FREAKIN' AWESOME(oh, and for the record, I like the alternate version of the LOST sign better)!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    Season 1, no doubt.

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    For me its the 4th and 5th season

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    without a doubt.

    best season opener.

    wish i could combine it with the best season closer which was season 3's.

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    First 3 seasons are amazing. After that......... forget it. The last episode of the last season made me nerdrage for 3 days straight it pissed me off so much.

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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    Season 1, it was the only one I could take seriously from start to finish.

    When it comes to individual parts of seasons I did really certain like parts of Season 4.
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    Default Re: Your favourite LOST season?

    In order...

    Season 4 (This season has it all, conflict, freighter, people leaving the island, and flashforwards; plus it's short and sweet.)
    Season 5 (DHARMA, Time travel; not as good as season 4 but it has everything that you could want.
    Season 1 (This is the season that introduced the show and much of it's characters, it's place can't be denied.)
    Season 2 (This was the season that introduced the hatch, it's still good but it's not as good as the first.)
    Season 6 (It did have decent characterizations and the Man in Black but more could of been done and the flashsideways (while decent) had mostly no place in Season 6 and served to provide some form of action/contrast while stuff was going on the island. I get they wanted to make some form of epilogue but the best thing to do would be to just have no flash anythings.)
    Season 3 (The season where everything just collapses and recovers itself near the end. The last half of the season is the best Lost has done but the first half has some stuff that makes you question why you're watching the show in the first place, especially when they have an episode dedicated to Jack's tattoo.)
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