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    Exclamation WARNING - Deliberate Derailment of Threads

    Unfortunately, Gateworld has been experiencing a rash of postings intended to deliberately derail a thread that a poster doesn't like the topic of. How does this work?

    A thread is posted. Someone decides they don't like the topic and that it shouldn't be discussed on Gateworld. They then proceed to post a snarky or sarcastic or derogatory remark aimed at the original poster, then his/her cronies jump on the bandwagon and run with it, taking the thread completely off topic. The result is the thread ends up being pulled, either to be cleaned up and put back out with a reminder or warning, or in the worst case scenario deemed not savageable and left "dead".

    Frankly, we're tired of it. It's rude to the original poster, it's rude to those who do want to discuss the topic, and it causes the mods innumerable headaches. So, we've devised a new infraction that will be going into effect immediately.

    For the particulars of the new infraction, please see Skydiver's posts here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skydiver View Post
    Pass this along

    Since we have a little gang here that likes to deliberately derail any threads they don't like with OT spam and junk, I'm announcing a 'Deliberate Derailment' infraction. Anyone(s) that posts to derail and goes on to deliberately derail any thread they don't like in an effort to get it shut down, when they get this infraction it's an automatic 3 day banishment from the forum.

    Consider yourselves warned.

    If you don't like a topic, move on and live and let live. The attitude of 'I don't like it so I'll get it shut down' is no longer to be tolerated here. Live and let live or go and find another forum to bully.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skydiver View Post
    You guys were asking why threads 'go away', well it's because they go horribly off topic, or turn into slang fests and the only way to really clean it up is to make it stable - which means no new posts - so we can read what's been happening.

    You guys don't want threads to go away, well it's up to you. And by that i mean all of YOU.

    Yes, there are asides in a thread, that's not an issue, but post after post of off topic? Unacceptable. Especially when we have folks here that run deliberate campaigns to make a thread go off topic just cause they don't like the topic and want it to die.

    You want to keep threads open and keep the mods out of your hair....well play by the rules. Don't fight, don't insult, don't take threads off topic. And if you see stuff happening in a thread, let us know when it's a couple of posts that we can review more quickly than pages and pages and pages.

    You guys, as in you posters, ultimately determine the fate of a thread.

    And, for those of you bullies out there that are killing threads on purpose, no longer will the thread go away, you wil. If we determine that anyone is deliberately derailing a thread, you will be gagged and banned from the forum for 3 days. As in not modded, as in banned from even reading the forum.

    Learn to live and let live.
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