Just thought I'd take the time just to say how much I appreciate the Gateworld Forum.

I was just sat looking at my Mac screen thinking about the Forum and I really do care about it. It seems to look after it's members immensely - I know individuals help towards this so when I say the forum I do mean it's members.

Every member I personally have met seems to be such nice, decent and intelligent people. When it comes to Sci-Fi it seems to be a naughty pleasure of mine. I'm not the 'stereotypical' fanfic writer/gamer/forum member (Apparently who do not wash = smell, stay in the house all day, have no social life and plain weird - SO not true....well...maybe the weird bit but this is how they're shown) actually i'm quite the opposite and nearly all of my friends can't stand sci-fi so I "shouldn't" absolutely love it with every fibre of my being, but I do!!!

Dispite being a bit different, everyone on the forum welcomed me with open virtual arms and I've never had so many intelligent conversations in my life! I actually didn't come on here for around a year due to being so busy, but when I came back it was if I had never left - except alot of people welcomed me back and even celebrated my birthday despite my absence! some of my outside world friends wouldn't do that!

So All I can say is THANK YOU GATEWORLD!!

thanks Darren for starting it, thank you Mods for moderating it and thanks members for making what it is!

Hopefully this thread will be accepted where it is as it is my announcment about the forum,

But feel free to say how much YOU appreciate the thread....my job is done


(ACharmedAsgard) xxxxxxxxxx