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    Pretty good ep, not the best one this season though. I swear Pete is like an overgrown kid He can't keep his hands off anything. Funny seeing Artie as a Walrus

    I'm intrigued at what H.G. is up to. She is up to something. It was funny seeing Claudia's discomfort in the locker room with all the mostly naked guys around Myka didn't seem to bother about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gen Blue View Post
    Was it my imagination or did Vanessa's Farnsworth ring with the 'speed' sound effect from the Bionic Woman?
    OMG - I was just rewatching this episode and noticed the sound effect, so I decided to check this thread and see if anyone else caught it, too! A fun inside joke that wasn't over the top.

    Thanks to Starlover1990 for the banner

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