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    Default Re: Babylon 5 Fans Unite!!

    LOTR suffered from having all previous B5 VFX-models removed(kree! Backup your systems ffs!), so the VFX-team had to remake everything. Money, money, money

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    Tell you the truth, I don't even know if i'll watch this film. I love B5 but if they play games in changing the cast, i'll be really disappointed. I have no desire in seeing anyone else play the part of a main cast member, unless the actor was not available at all........who am I kidding i'll watch it and probably enjoy it. I guess i'll keep faith that JMS will do the right thing.

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    Default Re: Babylon 5 Fans Unite!!

    Has to be one of the best story arc in Sci-Fi history. I didn't beleive there was a five year bible and story progression arc till I met the two ladies characters were patterned after. I can see where Susan and Delenn got some of their best qualities. Kudos Susan and Lynn.
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    Exclamation Re: Babylon 5 Fans Unite!!

    Thor and I did a "fly by" just before the station was destroyed...tossed away as space junk!

    What a waste!

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