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    Talking Warehouse 13 on canada's ctv network

    Have been watching Cold Case on CTV and just saw a commerical for WAREHOUSE 13. Which will air at 10pm on Friday on the Network. Will have to check the station website to see if this is the first airing of the series or if they have been showing it for a bit. Don't want to miss Joe's episode.

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    Default Re: Warehouse 13 on canada's ctv network

    I love this show even back when in was called Friday the 13th the Series in the 80's.

    Great update.

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    Default Re: Warehouse 13 on canada's ctv network

    Glad you love the show, but it's not Friday the 13th. The artifacts in F13 were demonic in nature. The artifacts on WH13 are not. They have supernatural powers but they are not demonic. It's not a remake or update of that show.

    YES there are similarities between the 2 shows but any show that's currently on has similarities with other shows on or that have been on in the past. It's the nature of TV and humans.

    I prefer to be called Sunny, Sun or SK. Thanks.

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