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    Default Re: The Sanctuary Fan Vid Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Emengee View Post
    New vid Helen and James!
    If you had one chance to change the fate of a loved one... would you take it?
    I would have gone with more clips.
    The start does line up with the lyrics of the song but it looks like it's more of an accident than rather than intentional. - 'no one can hurt you now' with the hand moving away from the face.
    It's a really nice song choice too. The end was sweet.

    Quote Originally Posted by StarSancFar View Post
    NEW VID!

    Teslen - THE KISS (SFN part 2)
    I was giggling through this. You could have gotten away with using the kiss more times than you did. XD

    Quote Originally Posted by StarSancFar View Post
    New Teslen Vid!
    I liked the blue going to the yellow- maybe you should use that in your next one? Blues, purples for depressing moments, hopelessness and the brighter yellows for lighter happier times?

    Quote Originally Posted by Emengee View Post
    Ok, New vid! Yes, it is Magnett... but in a less.... mooshy romantic light?

    Dedicated to anyone who knows that Helen and John are entwined in the most dangerous game of all.
    That is a wonderful font at the beginning. I think you might need to import/export it differently for it to be clearer.
    I think for the 3min mark you should of used some clips from the beginning of that episodes, there are some good close ups on them together. Something to add a bit of variety.

    Quote Originally Posted by StarSancFar View Post
    Nice iJOKE and Emengee

    New Teslen vid!! (Whatelse?? )
    It's a great little fun vid. Made me smile!

    Quote Originally Posted by ZaraShade View Post
    Haven't posted here in a while so bam have three Teslen vids

    Breathe Me (Chimera inspired)-
    You can really see the frame - 1:17 I think a little feather mask would really help it to merge together. You've got this floaty feeling, with that texture going on, I think the sharp line from that clip disterbs it.
    Feels like there is a lot of chaos going on, like nothing is real.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZaraShade View Post
    Down With The Ship ("white dove" quote inspired)-
    The quotes at the beginning! Lully. Nice collection of moments.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZaraShade View Post
    TESLEN KISS VID (with alternate ending) -
    The audio - if you try and line up the beats, you'll get a smoother transition when cutting the audio. The fireworks!

    Quote Originally Posted by ZaraShade View Post
    Watched, replayed, commented.

    Yet another shippy Teslen vid -
    I liked the red bit, after the text. I think you could have got away with increasing the white - to make it have more contrast with vignette.

    Quote Originally Posted by StarSancFar View Post
    OOh! My second vid today!

    Okay, so this was supposed to be a vid to this song but using all of the finales from season 1-4, but, I sorta ran out of music to vid now its just Revelations parts 1&2 and End of Nights Parts 1&2!! There is too many great clips in those eps!! haahaaa!
    I see Revelations and End of Nights as one massive finale over 4 eps, as it continues into season 2, so I think of this a a Season 1 finale vid Enjoy!
    I think it was a good collection of clips! I think the aspect ratio you've got on some of them is wrong though. Just a minor technicality.

    Quote Originally Posted by es! View Post
    On The Precipice - Sanctuary Tribute:

    Something to make the wait for The Decision easier...
    Hope you like it
    I really like the message you put together! It was a really balanced video too! The characters and aspects of Sanctuary!

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    Default Re: The Sanctuary Fan Vid Thread

    Hi all! I made a new vid and was directed here to share! I hope you like!

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