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    Default Re: SGA Actor News & Appearances (Non-Stargate)

    Khal Drogo, aka. Jason Momoa, Will Star in an Epic, Futuristic TV Series

    Jason Momoa to Star in Apple Sci-Fi Series ‘See’

    Do note that neither of these articles makes a mention of him having been on SGA.

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    Default Re: SGA Actor News & Appearances (Non-Stargate)

    Jewel Staite made an appearance on The Good Doctor last night, Season 2, Episode 6. Good to see Dr. Keller / Kaylee (Firefly).

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    Default Re: SGA Actor News & Appearances (Non-Stargate)

    I watched White House Down last night. It had Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in it. I'm pretty sure I saw Dan Shea in a very brief appearance as one of the President's Cabinet. He died, though.

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    Default Re: SGA Actor News & Appearances (Non-Stargate)

    I just saw on Joe's instagram feed that he will be playing a general on the weekly drama, "Seal Team." I'm not sure how many shows he will appear in, but I hope it's more than one or two. Anybody with more info?

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    Default Re: SGA Actor News & Appearances (Non-Stargate)

    Moose has posted on SG:C that Jaime Ray Newman (Lt. Cadman in Stargate : Atlantis season 2 "Duet" and "Critical Mass") has won an Oscar award together with her husband, Guy Nattiv for the "Skin" in Short film cathegory. Congratulations!
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    Default Re: SGA Actor News & Appearances (Non-Stargate)

    Jill Wagner (Larrin) will be appearing with SG1 alum Adam Baldwin (Col Dixon) in movie The Legend of 5 Mile Cave, premiering on the INSP network this weekend.

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