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    Exclamation Threats of Violence

    All members, please read this announcement regarding threats of violence on the forum:

    To the GateWorld Forum Community:

    I wish this went without saying, but apparently I need to make an explicit point of it. Threats of violence against other members of our community, including the moderators, or against any cast or crew or their family members, or any other real-life person, is strictly forbidden on the forum.

    This includes public posts, private messages, profile visitor messages, social group messages, reputation comments, e-mail sent through the forum software, or any other part of the forum.

    This includes both real threats and comments made in jest. It includes both explicit threats and veiled threats.

    GateWorld has a zero tolerance policy for threats of violence. Those who make threats of physical violence against another will be banned immediately and irrevocably. If we feel the offending member deserves a warning he or she will be placed under strict moderation and given a single warning prior to banning on the second offense.

    But the standard practice will be an immediate ban without notice or chance of appeal.

    Thank you.
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