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    Default Re: Do they have FTL capabilities?

    its a trinary system 3 stars is still correct

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    Default Re: Do they have FTL capabilities?

    Quote Originally Posted by DigiFluid View Post
    I don't think we really have enough information at the moment to suppose one way or another.

    We can fairly safely assume, from the sub-light journey of the 13th tribe to Earth, that the other 12 tribes did not have FTL on their journey from Kobol to the new worlds. We can also guess, from various lines in the BSG miniseries, that FTL was not in common use by the the time of the Fall.

    Really, I think that's about it tbh. I don't know that there's enough information there to draw conclusions about 60 years prior to the Fall.
    To be honest I thought they did not use FTL because the colonies were a largely stagnate race that have stop evolving or exploring the universe or developing new technology. At the time of the fall they were coming out of this stagnate .

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    Default Re: Do they have FTL capabilities?

    Then again nearly 100% of earthlings dont know we are in a binary solar system XD

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