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    Sam 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    I've been thinking a lot of what I'd like to see in S3, and even about some things I don't. So I thought of making a thread to write out my ideas, I'd like to hear yours too.


    1. At least 3 Helen centric episodes.
    2. Helen gets her daughter back.
    3. Another Stargate actor as a guest star.
    4. Maybe an episode from the POV of the abnormals. (Two Faced Guy and Sally the Mermaid)
    5. Another season.

    And hopefully as a bonus, Amanda will direct an episode again.


    1&2. I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE A GRAPHIC HELEN TORTURE SCENE! Something like the whump from Haunted?
    3. Don't ever want to see Helen die and stay dead.

    I can't think of anymore, but again, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    lets see



    More John Druitt
    Tesla back to being a Vampire
    another classic monster/mythical creature as an abnormal
    another stargate cast as a abnormal (villain this time)
    more Kate kicking Butt


    Kill off any more main characters
    make any love matches (unless its Helen and John)
    abandon Tesla

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3


    1. Tesla
    2. Druitt
    3. Ashley
    4. Big Bertha
    5. Deklin (sp?)

    1. Deaths of main characters

    I'm neutral on anything else right now
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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3


    more exploration of myths and stories from the past.

    more backstory on the Five

    more backstory on the other characters, henry, biggie, will, etc. maybe not even a whole episode, just bits and pieces tossed in

    more adventures and monster hunts, with those intriguing twists of course

    more of helen's history


    ship. druitt and helen tension, sure, i'm just not in the mood for ship wars on this show, gimme another
    season of peace please

    get mired down in the cabal.

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    less Helen episodes
    less Will episodes.
    more episodes with the main cast
    more stories about the Cabal.
    more insight about the abnormals

    get rid of Druitt
    kill off more main characters (except maybe Kate)
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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    More back story about the abnormals already at the Sanctuary

    Helen saying "My Father" in every sentence.
    Will dancing
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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3


    1. bring back Ashley
    2. historical story involving Helen
    3. more Tesla
    4. more Druitt
    5. a story from the past involving the Five


    1. kill off beloved characters
    2. kill off beloved characters
    3. kill off beloved characters
    4. kill off beloved characters
    5. kill off beloved characters

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3


    1- helen background stories.
    2- helen whump!!
    3- helen-henry story or storyline.
    4- henry background.
    5- more scenes of helen with individuals of the team, not just will.


    1- no bi or gay helen. (it was a proposed idea)
    2- less one-off stories. i like a theme, a goal for the team, besides corralling abnormals.
    3- less bigfoot. *ducks flying tomatoes*
    4- do not kill off helen.
    5- did i mention NOT killing off helen?

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    1. different pairings, less Helen/Will, more Helen/Henry, Helen/Kate, Will/Henry, etc
    2. more with the Five
    3. more Sanctuary team eps
    4. story arcs that run through the season
    5. deal with Ashley

    1. ship Helen with anyone
    2. kill off main characters
    3. have Druitt turn completely 'good'
    4. get rid of Kate
    5. don't get caught up creating a 'bigger' enemies, just have an interesting ones

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    1. More Henry, Druitt, Tesla, Bigfoot (also Chuck, Ravi, etc, and of course Ashley! I like Helen, will and Kate, I just feel like the others didn't get much spotlight last season, esp Henry)
    2. Keep the character stories, their interaction relationships, background stories coming. Keep the mythology coming. Keep the cool story arcs and music coming!
    3. Focus on friendships (instead of romantic relationships, tho I don't mind the occasional flirting, angst and banter )
    4. More SG actor cameos, we miss those guys.
    5. Gargoyles (mwhaha) (and more into other mythologies, my vote right now is for egyptian)

    1. Kill off main characters.
    2. become a creature of the week show. I don't mind the occasional one episode creature wonder, but it'd be nice if we had some continuity and mentioned them again and didn't just forget about them.
    3. Less gross stuff, I get enough of that from my sister watching CSIs and Xfiles (come on, I gotta prove to her why Sanctuary is better, but if they're both proving to be creature of the week shows, my argument is failing! tho I do like some of the stuff with Col. Sumner's character!)
    4. continue with the way the logic and continuity is going... before Abnormals were just creatures most of the world didn't know about. now it's more like there's a certain genetic strain that makes it like Xmen and I don't like that. Have a little more mix, if an abnormal is sending out super subsonic frequencies that are affecting abnormals, how about arguing that it affects a couple non-abnormal species to? (like an obscure species of whale or something) yeah... I just have some issues with the logic, that's all.
    5. cancel the show

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3


    1. More of The Five, background, etc.(who the heck is Nigel Griffen!?)
    2. I'd actually like to see Helen with a female lover (which AT proposed in an interview)
    3. A more historical accurate Tesla (bring in Pigeons and his older brother's death)
    4. more background on the team.
    5. More Sanctuary's around the world. (A Johassenburg, SA (sp?) sanctuary that Cliff Simon could play the head of?)


    1. The show to become the "Who's fighting over Helen show"
    2. Unnessary killing off of characters
    3. stupid and uninteresting "network" suggestions. (I'd like the writers to be as free as possible)
    4. Cancelation of the show
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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3


    1. more background stories - for helen, the five, everyone else
    2. more about the history helen has lived through
    3. more team moments, and moments between different characters one on one
    4. an ep from the abnormals pov
    5. more stargate guests (particulary teryl rothery!)


    1. get rid of kate
    2. have any more scenes like the hose down scene, like ever
    3. battle of the ships over helen
    4. kill off main characters unnecessarily
    5. cancel the show
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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    1. Have more kate.
    2. Aussie Sanctuary.
    3. More Henry Storyline.
    4. More abnormals roaming the corridors, that place seems empty.
    5. Some Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Omnisexual characters (Helen would be nice )

    1. Bring back Ashley.
    2. Get rid of Kate.
    3. Kill off main characters.
    4. Have any more ship/plane/helicopter wrecks.
    5. Cancel the show

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    The Five history
    alot of Magnus and Druitt
    The Titanic
    Helen's other lover's through history
    More about Kate
    Helen and Will
    A day in the life of the Sanctuary

    Kill off charaters
    cutting kiss scenes out
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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    1. More Helen´s past. What about those clippings during credits? Did I see Helen next to an airplane...Amelia Earhart? Albert Einstein? Titanic....? Maybe not that one. I´m getting tired of so much water. But she´s lived so long I really want to know how she became "Dr Magnus". Did she build all the sanctuaries? What about the money, the power involved? Even a few flashbacks might do.
    2. Helen-Druitt
    3. Longer arcs.....not so many bottled episodes.
    4. Tesla

    I don´t know. My imagination is less powerful than theirs....

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    1. Longer story arcs keeping with the mythology of the show.
    2. Get back to "daring to believe in the unbelievable" and less monster of the week where they must stop a violent abnormal.
    3. Insight into The Five's history and/or Helen's history.
    4. Back story of Henry and Bigfoot and more character development for both.
    5. Return of snarky Henry.

    1. Kill off main characters.
    2. Have Druit turn completely good. (yes good one Evenstar!)
    3. Completely abandon the "dark" feel of the webisodes.
    4. Let fans or Network interfere with their vision of the show.
    5. Don't cancel the show.

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    • Bring back the dark, mysterious feel of the webisodes
    • Longer arcs (though, we already kinda know we're getting this - YAY)
    • Back-story/history!! (there's so much to explore!)
    • More Helen-centric stories

    • lose Andrew Lockington!!!! (He is gold!)
    • reveal too much about the characters (I love the mystery and the slow reveals)
    • diminish the team dynamic. I would like to see a cohesive team, not a bunch of pairs.
    • make a single, 'super-evil' villain; keep the Sanctuary's villains diverse
    • stop making this AMAZING show!!! Ever.

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3

    Mine are pretty simple.


    1) MORE BACKSTORY ON THE CHARACTERS - I want to know why I should care about the other characters in the show (other than Helen and Will). Why do I care about Henry or the Big Guy or Kate. Right now I know nothing about them.

    2) Expand more on The Five. I want to know about their experiences throughout the years. Helen claims to have had contact with some of the most influential people in our history in the past century, I want to know more about this.


    1) Focus so much on Helen and Will before you develop the other characters. This ties in to point #1 under the DOs section.
    2) Bring Ashley back by some cheap plot device. If you're gonna do it, make sure its an air tight story line, and if you don't that's fine, it had the intended impact.

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3


    1. longer story arcs (I really missed that in S2)
    2. more the five history
    3. more about Helen's background
    4. deal with Ashley

    1. do another Helen/Will stuck or stranded together episode (I liked those in S1 and 2, but don't need to see another one)
    2. kill of main characters
    3. turn John completely good

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    Default Re: 5 things you DO and DON'T want to see/happen in Season 3


    1. Have more Helen/John.

    2. Go back to the darkness that was the first webisode. I loved how dark and possesive John was and the lengths he went to.

    3. Have another Stargate guest star. Teryl, for instance!

    4. Bring Ashly back in a not stupid way.

    5. Henry.... lots and lots of Henry.


    1. Put Helen with a woman. I'm sure that in the 150+ years she has been alive that there must have been some sort of experimentation, but I've watched Amanda since Children of the Gods and it would just be wierd.

    2. Bring back Ashley in a stupid way.

    3. Kill a main character... Exept Kate.

    4. Have too many monster of the week stories.

    5. focus on a single character for too long.

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