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    Default Re: Poll: SG-1 vs Atlantis

    Strange place to put the poll

    Anyway I'd say Atlantis, it needs a resolution much more than SG-1 does.

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    Default Re: Poll: SG-1 vs Atlantis

    Stargate: revolution (sg1)

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    Default Re: Poll: SG-1 vs Atlantis

    Little bump ?
    For one final movie ? Stargate Atlantis for sure. If the question was which one do you like more, then it would be very hard to answer. I was very skeptical when about Atlantis when it started, but it turned out awesome .. i simply cannot say which i like more. I guess SG-1 is the classic and for that fact alone it's better. Too bad SGU didn't follow in SGA's footsteps and turned out to be a massive disappointment.
    I would really want to know what happened after Atlantis came to earth..
    RIP Don S. Davis 1942-2008

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    Atlantis absolutely.

    SG1 were already moving in their separate ways in the films...The Atlantis expedition was still very much together in "Enemy at the Gate" and there tons of plotlines just getting off the ground.

    Atlantis needs closure...I feel like SG1 had a lot more closure as they had the two movies whereas Atlantis just sort of stopped very suddenly.

    Personally I think they both need another movie, but Atlantis needs it more

    Part 2 coming very soon!! (this is a fic btw, not the Fandemonium novel)

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    it really depends...

    In terms of which one is more deserving of a movie then definitely Atlantis because it didn't have a movie to conclude the series, I feel there were still some things that needed to be resolved, but they just ended the series rather suddenly, so there's no real closure for Atlantis.
    On the other hand SG-1 already has 2 movies to conclude the series so it already has closure.
    As much as I want a 3rd movie to be made for SG-1, but Atlantis definitely needs a movie more.

    But as for which series I love better then hands down it's definitely SG-1! Don't get me wrong I really liked Atlantis, but SG-1 was the first Stargate series I watched and it's still my favourite and I still love the characters of SG-1 more.

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