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    Default Could Sylar create powers in others?

    He's taken off skulls to see how powers worked.
    and recently fixing of Charlie's aneurysm or whatever it was and recently shape-shifted to protect the vulnerable area of his own head

    He knows at least a small amount of how the brain works.

    This would take a lot of telekenesis though, and would be easier if the 'patient' were sedated.
    Could Sylar open up someones skull, prevent the blood loss, modify the brain to impart an ability Sylar knows, re-connect damaged blood vessels, and re-set the skull plate without extensive damage?
    Would he even necessarily have to open the skull at all?

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    Default Re: Could Sylar create powers in others?

    Sylar probably has the ability to help others, sure, but at the end of the day, I think he is more interested in himself, and killing others. I do ponder about him sometimes though, we know that he has feelings, back in season one, when he thought he was going to be responsible for blowing up NY and killing millions, he was genuinely worried, yet he doesn't mind killing the odd person for a power?

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