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    Quote Originally Posted by maneth View Post
    Great writing and awesome acting by DT. Loved this episode, creepy and poignant.

    ETA: What's the database the Doctor seems to be able to access in his mind? Is it just his memory that changes as the timeline changes, or is it something else?
    The "database" as you call it, is actually the BBC website layout. It was just him remembering a news article. But essentially being a Timelord the Doctor can see and understand all variations in the timeline. He has an understanding of history and how changes can affect future events in even very subtle ways. In essence, yes he can change time but he also remembers what the timeline was before and has a knowledge of what he calls fixed points in time.
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    Default Re: The Waters of Mars (2009)

    Yeah, like the death of Dr Adelaide Brooke...

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