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    Default "Apotheosis was the beginning before the beginning"

    This quote from the hybrid in the Plan I found quote interesting and wanted to get some thoughts on whats its meaning could be. It's pretty obvious by now that the Hybrids have some sort of extrasensory means of gathering knowledge.

    Apotheosis is, by the literal definition, a mortal or group of mortal beings that become gods. In another definition, it means something mortal becoming godlike in reverence or perception. If these Lords of Kobol/God/Virtual Beings are indeed like the Beings of Light from the Original Series, then they were essentially a group of human-like beings that achieved a level of godhood and are now playing that role in the cycles of Humanity.

    Or the second, the Organic Memory Transfer technology, which essentially made the 13th tribe immortal until they began to reproduce biologically. This particularly is supported by the story in the Final Five comics (which I know are not necessarily canon) in which the 13th is actually made of humans who have embraced organic memory transfer, rather than completely artificial beings.

    Other thoughts?
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    Default Re: "Apotheosis was the beginning before the beginning"

    it could also refer to the final 5 themselves. In the sense that they re-created ressurection on the 13th colony before giving it to the cylons to begin creating a new set of human cylons. So the final 5 were the beginning ressurection cylons before the beginning of the later 8 cylon models. And of course these 8 elevated the final 5 to a sort of god like status.
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    Default Re: "Apotheosis was the beginning before the beginning"

    She might be talking about the 13th like you suggested, and the idea that the memory transfer tech they created was really the beginning of the second half of the Cylon race, the earliest event in history that could be directly linked to their creation, the begining. The Apotheosis was the ascension of the Lords of Kobal to god like status, either metaphorically and mythically or literally and it was the planet of Kobal that gave rise to the 13 tribe, hence the beginning before the (cylon) beginning, interesting in that it is also the beginning of the human 12 colonies.

    There's another bit of dialog from her that also seems to be talking about a similar chronology, only this time in reference to the Centurions. "The makers of the makers will fall before the child". The old style Centurions (with help from the final five) where the makers of the modern version of the Cylon race, which is the child, and the humans were the makers of the Centurions.

    I also found this little excerpt extremely interesting.

    "Nuclear devices activated and the machine keeps pushing time through the cogs, like paste into strings into paste again, and only the machine keeps using time to make time to make time, and when the machine stops time is an illusion that we created free will..."

    She seems to be describing some sort of architect of fate, some sort of machine, either a literal device of some kind or some sort of abstract working of the universe that governs the whole cycle of "this has happened before and will happen again". That free will is a total illusion, time is just a cognitive construct that helps human minds understand the universe, and fate is reality.

    It's another reference to some sort of higher forces at work in any case.

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